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Top Tips To Ensure A Perfect Wake & Bake Session


Top Tips To Ensure A Perfect Wake & Bake Session

Top Tips To Ensure A Perfect Wake & Bake Session - Coffee and Cannabis

From choosing between Sativa and Indica or deciding if a joint, vape, or fat dab is right. All these decisions will determine your wake & bake session.

People have been waking and baking well before legalization, and a spew of dispensaries sprung up across the country. For some people, it is a daily habit, like making a cup of joe. For others, it's reserved for special occasions. Perhaps you have a cold rainy weekend ahead. The weather outside is miserable, and you're looking to try a wake-and-bake session as you snuggle up on the sofa at home.

Whether it's your first time or you're a regular to the wake and bake session, you should know that there isn't an exact science to it. But if you consider the following points in this article, we're sure you'll have a great experience. Check out this cute wake and bake bong for the perfect bowl to start your day.


Smoking, Drinking, Eating, or Vaping?

Smoking and Drinking in a pub with friends

When deciding how to consume cannabis in the morning, you need to consider how much time you have and how high you want to feel. If you want to enjoy a prolonged high lasting well into the day, then edibles are your best choice. Edibles kick in slowly and will fold into you all morning and afternoon. Just be prepared for 6 hours (or more) of being high.

If you want a more instant high that will wear off faster, smoking or vaping is a good idea. You'll get high within a few minutes, but after an hour or two can feel refreshed and focused on your day ahead.

A vape could be a good option if you don't smoke regularly. Smoking in the morning can be particularly unpleasant for those who don't smoke regularly. Otherwise, smoking is okay.

If you are new to cannabis, consider using low-dose cannabis drinks. They go down easily, come in various flavors, and enter your bloodstream quickly. You'll feel the effects quickly, giving you more control over your high. Cannabis beverages often have many additives and sugar, so if you want a more organic drink, you could make some cannabis-infused stem tea.


Indica or Sativa?

Most enthusiasts agree that Sativa is the best choice for waking and baking.

High Times once wrote, "If you wake up and bake with anything but Sativa, you're doing it wrong."

That's because India is known to have a relaxing and calming effect, so much so that it can easily put you back to sleep again.

However, consider a hybrid strain if Sativa makes you a little anxious.

Or, if India doesn't make you feel drowsy, you can use the strain that works best for you.

Make sure to get a good night's sleep and have a mug of coffee on standby. But by and large, creative and energy-producing Sativa strains are the most popular for wake-and-bake sessions.


Perfect Combos for Wake and Bake

Perfect Combos for Wake and Bake - Bacon and Eggs

Cold Brew: Marijuana and coffee make a great combination, as anyone who spent an afternoon in an Amsterdam coffee shop can attest to.

A highly caffeinated cold brew makes a refreshing drink to sip throughout the morning. It pairs well with edibles and, if sipped slowly, will bring you a nice buzz over a couple of hours to pair with the cannabis high.

Healthy Breakfast: Don't skip breakfast. In fact, a nutritious and hearty breakfast is a great way to boost your high.

Oil-based foods combined with an oil-based cannabis edible can help extend the high. Avoid fried foods and opt for natural fats like avocado.

Consider Snacks to Supplement Your High: Besides your breakfast, consider foods that can help boost your highs. Foods like mango, curry, and even beer can further support and enhance your wake-up and baking experience. That doesn't mean you should have a beer before noon, but maybe a curry for lunch or a mango smoothie. Mangos are packed with terpene Myrcene, which can help enhance your high.

Shower Immediately After Smoking or Taking Edibles

Showering after smoking or waiting for an edible to take effect is a great way to refresh and energize your day.

It's all too easy to smoke and become lazy. The shower will eliminate the smoke smell and prepare you to enjoy THC's benefits.


Plan an Activity or Playlist in Advance

A distorted sense of time is one of the common effects reported by cannabis users. It is reported that almost 70 percent overestimate the time that has passed.

To stop time slipping away, make a playlist of your favorite tunes and plan activities or chores you want to do. This can be cleaning the house, doing a load of washing, sitting down to finish the crossword, doing a puzzle, or tending to the garden.

It's best to plan the activities you want to accomplish in advance, along with some time parameters. Keep the day from getting away from you completely (unless that's your goal).


Do the Grocery Shop the Day Before

You don't want to be that person who gets high and has the munchies but is left staring at an empty fridge and shelves. Plan ahead and gets some snacks that include healthy options such as fruits and vegetables.

To be on the safe side, try to avoid foods that need a lot of prep, chopping, or using the stove.


Get a Good Night's Sleep

One of the most important factors for successful wake-up and baking is a good night's sleep beforehand. If you wake up lethargic or groggy, while THC may alleviate some of your discomforts, it won't magically transform you into an energetic and excited person. If possible, make sure you get a full 8 hours. If you wake up feeling terrible, maybe save the wake and bake it for another time.


Clear Your Schedule

Don't be overly ambitious. Maybe your creative juices will flow after you wake and bake, but don't plan on writing poetry and painting a few watercolors before lunch. Likewise, don't pack your day with chores and tasks to accomplish. Trying to get too much done will only stress you out. Clear your schedule and set a few realistic and well-intentioned goals.