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Vaporizers, Dab Pens & Dry Herb Vapes


What are Vaporizers?

Vaporizers, often called "vapes," for short, are electronic devices that offer an alternative to traditional smoking methods. There is a range of vaporizers on the market for e-liquid, dry herb, and marijuana concentrates. 

The spreading legalization in recreational and medical marijuana combined with how easy vape kits are to use has skyrocketed the trend in weed vaporizers and dab pens. 

Dry herb vaporizers and wax pens are two such devices that have become the latest trend in consuming weed, cannabis oil, and wax.

Vaping is more subtle than smoking. The vapor dissipates faster than smoke would. Also, as you're not burning anything, there is less smell. This means that wax pens or oil vape pens will draw less attention and won't draw attention like smoking a joint. It's also kinder on the lungs, so you can avoid the experience of coughing over a joint.


How Does a Vaporizer Work?

A vaporizer is an electronic smoking device. It uses heat and convection or conduction to extract vapor from a substance like e-liquid, oil, cannabis concentrates, or dry herb.

Oil and wax vaporizers will use a heating coil, often made of quartz or ceramics these are concentrate vaporizers. 

This coil heats the cannabis products to just below combustion. This vaporizes the material without it burning, so rather than smoke, you get vapor. The vapor can then be inhaled. Vaping means you get all the extracts such as cannabinoids and terpenes released without any of those nasty carcinogens and toxins which are so unhealthy to smokers and released from combustion. 

Some of these vaporizers are also called enails and are designed to be used with dab rigs or water pipes so you can cool and filter the vapor further before inhaling it. There are desktop vapes as well as smaller portable vapes.

Lookah offers a range of high quality vaporizers for sale. These vaporizers are usually designed for use with just one type of material as the activation and combustion point varies between dry weed, oil, and wax. 


How to use a Wax Pen & Dab Pen?

Wax pens come in different sizes. They are often smaller than dry herb vaporizers and oil vapes. This is because all that's required is a small battery, a heating coil/atomizer, and wax chamber attachment. 

Compare this to a dry herb vaporizer that requires a bigger herbal chamber to hold the weed. This then needs a more substantial heating coil element to ensure it can give proper heat distribution for all the herb, which in turn requires a larger battery, and it's easy to see why the wax pen and oil cartridge vapes are more compact. 

Wax chamber attachments usually have a metal coil wrapped a wick or small ceramic rod. They may require you to use a dab tool to carve out the concentrate and place it in the wax chamber. However, others like the Lookah Seahorse let you dab the wax right onto the tip to be applied like a nectar collector. 

Dabbing with a Vape pen

1) Turn it on.

Before you can start dabbing with your wax pen, you should turn it on and check it has sufficient power. Don't apply too much wax to the coil. When heated, the wax will turn to a liquid then to vapor. If you apply too much wax, it may not all be not sufficiently heated, causing the excess liquid to run into the vaporizing chamber and clogging it. You can adjust the temperature to account for the amount and type of wax or oil you are using.


2) Dab the Wax

Whether you dab the wax directly onto the coil or use a dab tool care must be taken not to apply too much pressure to the coil. Because if you poke the dab coil too hard, you risk breaking it. Once you get the hang of it, this won't happen unless you have a worn coil. But don't worry, the coils are disposable and easy to switch out with a replacement.  


3) Prim the Wick

Before taking a hit, you want to preheat and prime the coil. When you press the power button, the wax will start to melt. Holding the power button down for a couple of seconds will prime the wick. This keeps it moist so your hits won't be dry.


4) Happy Dabbing

With the wick/coil moist, you can now take a good hit. Apply extra wax as and when required.


The Best Vape Pen - Lookah Seahorse Pro


The Lookah Seahorse is a 2 in 1 dab pen that is like an electronic nectar collector. This can also be called a multi-use dab pen as it can be used with different types of concentrates. 

You can dab wax with the quarts coil or ceramic coil, or switch the coil tip out for use with 510 cartridges. The second-generation Seahorse Pro takes electric dab pens to the next level. It is our most popular dab pen for sale as its easy to use and very affordable at under $50.

It also comes with accessories so you can attach it to all glass bongs and rigs. Its sleek design and very unique combination of vaping options make it one of the best portable vaporizers for sale today! This mini wax pen is lightweight and small enough to slip into your pocket.
Like many wax vape pens the Seahorse Pro has a built in battery that can be recharged by USB, the long battery life means it's powerful enough for plenty of rips and couldn't be easier to use with its preheat and manual vaping modes. 


Tabletop Vaporizers

Tabletop vaporizers are larger units that will usually require a solid platform to sit on, such as a table or desk. They come in different shapes and sizes, but all have the same main features.  

  1. A temperature control regulator, with a dial or digital temperature reading.
  2. A heating chamber where the wax concentrate, CBD oil, or flower is placed.
  3. A heating element for transferring heat to the chamber, causing the wax concentrate, CBD oil, or flower to vaporize. 
  4. A mouthpiece attachment to inhale the vapor. 

Some of these tabletop vaporizers will have one or more long tube(s) as you'd find on a hookah. These are used to inhale the vapor. Others may use a bag to capture the vapor.


Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers, often called vape pens, are small discreet vaporizers that are essential compact versions of the tabletop vapes. Portable vapes typically have a chamber to hold the concentrate or dry herb, a heating element, and a battery. 

The wax concentrate or herb is packed into the chamber. The vape is activated by a button control, which heats the chamber with power from the battery. The resulting vapor is then inhaled via a built-in mouthpiece.  

Tips For Vaping Wax.

1) Keep your wax fresh by ensuring its sealed when not in use and upright to prevent spillage.

2) Inhale slowly and steadily drawing from the diaphragm.

3) Check your vape pen for excess residue before and after each session. Cleaning often will help maintain the pen so it lasts longer, won't get clocked, and provides smoother hits. 

4) Be careful not to apply too much pressure to the coil when dabbing or cleaning.

5) Don't set the heat too high as this can cause the wax or oil to scorch and produce a bitter taste.



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