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How to reduce weed tolerance without stopping


How to reduce weed tolerance without stopping

 How to reduce weed tolerance without stopping

If you consume cannabis daily, you know THC tolerance increases over time. After a while, no matter how many joints go through in a day, you won't feel much or any effect. 

Everyone has a different experience, but sooner or later, your body will become resistant to THC, and you'll need to start taking more and more to feel the effects.

Taking a tolerance break and quitting for a week or two is the fastest way to reset your THC tolerance. 

But who wants to do that? The goal is to be able to get high, and quitting doesn't help with that. 

If you want to lower your tolerance without quitting weed, these options may help you. 


Change the way you smoke

Change the way you smoke

If you're used to smoking weed switching to vaping may feel odd. However, it could be the key to a completely different experience. 

A different consumption method can surprise your body and possibly get you higher because your body will process the THC differently. 

Dabbing cannabis concentrates typically packs more of a punch than smoking weed as the concentrates are, by their nature, more potent. Even consuming edibles can strongly affect those with a high tolerance who are not used to them. 

The change doesn't need to be forever, but it can be a good idea to switch things up from time to time and help reset your tolerance.


Microdose for a month

Microdose for a month

If you are not ready to quit cold turkey for a few weeks with a tolerance break, try lowering your daily THC dose. 

You can take out two-thirds of your regular dose for a few weeks. It isn't easy, but it's easier than getting rid of THC completely, and you'll soon see the impact it has on your tolerance. 

Microdosing can be an excellent way to reset tolerance levels while avoiding uncomfortable withdrawal effects. 

Using a vape pen or vape cartridges can be a good way to monitor and regulate your dose. If you prefer smoking weed, try replacing your bong with a good one-hitter or chillum, as they have smaller bowls. 



exercise weed tolerance

Many marijuana users have heard that exercising immediately after smoking can boost your high. But exercise can also have some long-term effects on your tolerance. 

Exercise will improve your overall health and well-being, so your body will be better at distributing the THC to where it needs to be. 

While we don't understand the science behind it yet, the fact remains that people who are out of shape tend to have a higher tolerance to THC. 

Exercise burns fat cells, and THC is fat-soluble, so it will stay in your system for a shorter time. Exercise also releases endorphins, so it's easier to smoke less because you'll feel better even before you take a hit.


Switch your strain

Another thing that can have a significant impact on your THC experience is the stain of weed that you use. 

If you usually revert to the same strain, it might be a good time to try something new. This can help you feel the effects more profoundly than with your regular strain. 

This is especially true if you take predominantly Indica or Sativa-derived strains. 

For example, if you always prefer indica when relaxing on the couch and watching shows, swap it for a Sativa-based strain.

Indica and Sativa develop tolerance differently, so using them together and rotating them regularly makes it easier to maintain a lower weed tolerance. 

Temporary using a strain with a higher CBD to THC ratio is an effective but easier alternative to a complete tolerance break.


Change your routine

Humans are creatures of habit. Even if we don't schedule our days, we usually fall into a pattern of getting up, eating, and smoking marijuana at roughly the same time each day. 

Changing your daily pattern means that you will better know when and how much you smoke.

If you want to get higher with less cannabis, then switching up your routine for a while can help. 

If you're not ready for a complete break from weed, try one or a combination of the above methods to help lower your tolerance while still enjoying the daily high. 

Resetting your tolerance can really pay off and will help you get higher with less weed, so you'll be able to make that stash last longer and save a few bucks.