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9 Mistakes to avoid when using THC


9 Mistakes to avoid when using THC

 9 Mistakes to avoid when using THC

THC is one of the best-known cannabis compounds, but many people don't understand how it affects the body. While the substance has not been proven to have any long-term effects, the high you can get from this isolated cannabinoid can surprise new users! 

If you want to try THC, either for its health benefits or to experience the high you get, this article will keep you from making some common mistakes and improve your experience:


1. Not knowing the difference between THC and CBD 

Not knowing the difference between THC and CBD

When you smoke medical or recreational marijuana, you are experiencing the combined effects of CBD and THC. However, when each compound in cannabis is isolated and used on its own, the result is different.

CBD is a cannabinoid that has therapeutic and calming effects. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the substance in marijuana that makes you feel "high" or intoxicated.

When the two compounds (CBD & THC) are taken together, the CBD can reduce feelings of paranoia and intoxication caused by taking too much THC. 

So if you're marijuana products that contain THC, you need to be prepared for the high. If you are taking THC by itself, then the high can feel more intense as you won't have the calming effects from the CBD to counter it. 

2. Too much THC at once

When consuming some THC products (such as food), it can take a while to feel the effects. 

Unlike with vaping or smoking when you eat THC products, it can take 20 minutes to 2 hours for your body to metabolize the THC and you to feel its full effects. 

This dealy between consumption and effects leads many new users to use more THC than they need. 

They may be thinking the THC has not had any effect and end up taking more to compensate for this where they just needed to wait longer to experience the high. 

So as to avoid consuming too much at once, you can start with a low dose of THC of 5-10 mg, then wait a few hours before taking more.


3. Mix THC with alcohol

THC with alcohol

It can take a while for your body to process THC and for you to feel the effects, so you may be tempted to drink while waiting for the high to kick in. 

However, mixing alcohol with cannabis products can complicate the situation and increase the intoxication levels. This can lead to nausea and dizziness (also known as "the spins" or "spinning out"). That's not to say you should never indulge in THC foods and alcohol, but you should wait until you have a good handle on both.

If you are going to mix the two, remember this saying 

"Weed before beer, and you're in the clear. Beer before Grass, and you'll be on your ass!"


4. Take THC on an empty stomach

You have probably been told not to drink alcohol on an empty stomach -- the same goes for using THC products. 

So an empty stomach will enhance your experience.

Since the purpose of using THC is to experience euphoric effects in a slow, cumulative experience, you don't want to be hit too hard and too fast by the results. THC is best taken after a proper meal. 


5. Keep THC out of reach of children & pets

Many THC foods look like familiar candy, like gummy bears and lollipops. For this reason, you must keep THC products locked in cabinets and boxes out of reach of children and away from pets. 

Cannabis ingested as food can have more intense and lasting adverse effects on children under 12. 

Due to size and weight, young children are at high risk for complications related to THC intake. Because of the severity of their symptoms, most of the young children who ate cannabis food had to be taken to the hospital and admitted. 


6. Consume unlabeled THC products

You should never take THC products that have not been labeled correctly, especially if they were provided by someone you don't know. 

When buying products from legal sources such as dispensaries, the labels indicate quality control. They should show the strength and quantity of the items and include information about any ingredients that could trigger an allergic reaction. Always check the label before eating.


7. Not knowing how to handle consuming too much

THC can cause intense physical and psychological effects, so it's essential to know how to handle the experience if you accidentally overindulge.

First, remember that you'll be fine in a few hours. Find a place where you feel safe and can lie down -- if you can sleep it off, you'll feel rested, and you may wake up a little groggy.

If the effects are too much to deal with, it's best to have some CBD oil on hand. 

As we mentioned before, CBD can counteract the intoxicating effects of THC and balance the high. A dose of CBD oil under the tongue can make you feel more relaxed in a few minutes (you may need to repeat the process until the THC high disappears). If you don't have any CBD on hand, try eating citrus fruits (including pulp). Citrus has been shown to counteract the effects of marijuana, especially THC.


8. Using THC alone

If you have never used THC before, you should not try it alone. The intoxicating effects can be confusing and sometimes scary for first-time users, so it's essential to try it with someone you trust, preferably someone who has used THC before.

It can be helpful to try THC with experienced users, as they can guide you through the desired actions and help you when you get intoxicated or if you "green out." They can also guide you away from making poor decisions, such as drinking too much or driving under the influence.


9. There are no snacks to hand

THC snacks

THC foods can be delicious, but you don't want to keep eating them just because you're hungry and they taste good. Because, as most people know, THC will give you the munchies, and you may be tempted to eat whatever food is on hand. 

Have some snacks on standby -- the healthier, the better. Anything that needs preparing, such as sliced fruits or vegetables, should be prepared in advance. 

Some foods can be used to intensify or mellow your high. 

Make sure to keep plenty of water or non-alcoholic beverages on hand - THC can cause severe dry mouth!

When done correctly, taking THC can be a fun and enjoyable experience.