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Glass Bongs and Water Pipes For Sale

Glass bongs and water pipes have been around for centuries and are a favorite way smokers to hit up dry herbs such as tobacco or other legal flowers. 

There are many different flowers and herbs that you can smoke as an alternative to tobacco, some of which are used in herbal cigarettes to help those wanting to quit nicotine. 

Smoking out of a high-quality bong is much kinder on the lungs as the water eliminates the dry heat you get from smoking a cigarette or cigar. The word bong is said to have originated from the Thai word "baung," which is a bamboo pipe used for smoking weed.
The glass bongs for sale on this site are for smoking tobacco and other legal dry herbs or plants. Herbs and plants such as Mullein, Red Raspberry leaf, Peppermint, Gingsing, Lavender, St John's Wort, and Bergamot, to name just a few. 

If you want to vape waxes or oils from these or similar plants, we recommend looking at our glass dab bongs. Check out the glass hand pipes category for hammer bubblers, sherlock and spoon pipes. 
The hand-made glassware from Lookah is produced in-house by skilled glassblowers, and we have an extensive range of high-quality pipes, from big bongs and scientific bongs to portable small bongs ideal for taking to a friend's place or party.

Are you looking to smoke all the dry herbs many offerings? In that case, consider a piece with a removable down stem. A removable down stem will allow you to adapt it to oil and wax or herb as you need, or you can make sure to have the right nail or banger for the pipe's joint size to adapt it as needed.  
Bongs can bemade from many different materials; ceramic bongs, wooden bongs, and even silicone bongs are all popular smoking devices.

What are Borosilicate Glass Bongs?

At Lookah, we use durable borosilicate glass for our coolest bongs and smoking pipes. Unlike some cheap bongs for sale online, we only offer premium quality bongs made from the highest grade borosilicate glass.

This type of glass is made with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents. Borosilicate glass is well known for having a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. That low coefficient means it is more resistant to thermal shock. There is less thermal stress when the glass changes temperature, so it can withstand more considerable temperature differences without breaking.

We offer a stunning range of unique glass, intricately hand-blown glass, and limited-edition glass pieces.

How Much Do Bongs Cost?

While all our glass pipes for sale are of the highest quality, they are not all expensive. We have plenty of cheap glass bongs online for sale at very affordable prices.

The best bongs allow you to inhale the delicious flavor of your favorite herb without that cough-inducing hot inhale that smokers hate. A basic bong is little more than a straight pipe with a bowl. These are often cheap water bongs costing $50 to $100 but don't have the added function of percolators or recyclers and lack the aesthetic appeal that Lookah Glass aims to achieve. Our Lookah glass bongs use percolators and recyclers to improve filtration and cooling for that extra tasty kick and smooth hits from your session. The prices start around $100 and, depending on complexity and size, go to $200+. 

These top-quality bongs use a water filtration system to cool your hit so you can take a massive lung full of smoke that's cool, clean, and full-bodied. For that cool bong taste, select an ice bong. These have ice notches located near the neck. The ice catcher's addition means you can drop in a couple of ice cubes to ensure you receive a more relaxed smoking session with every inhale; now, that's what you call cool glass pipes. 

Lookah's glass bongs will place you in the big leagues. You'll be the envy of your friends with gorgeously crafted pieces of glasswork featuring intricate detail and psychedelic designs. 

What are the Different Parts of a Bong?

Bongs are made up of several parts; these include the following:
Mouthpiece - the part you inhale the smoke from.
Neck - this connected the mouthpiece to the rest of the bong.
Ice Pinch - some glass pieces will have an ice pinch to hold ice cubes in the neck to cool the smoke.
Percolators - help diffuse the smoke through water to filter impurities from it.
Chamber - the larger the chambers, the more surface area and the better cooling effect they will achieve.
Base - a thick heavy base prevents the pipe from falling over.
Downstem - the downstem connected the bowl to the main chamber.
Joints - this is where two parts of the bong meet. Ensure the joint sizes and gender are correct for any ash catchers or bowls you want to use with your glass bubbler pipe.
Bowl - is where you place the dry herb to be combusted. 


Bong Parts

How Do Bongs Work?

Bongs come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. Some are very basic, a chamber and bowl attachment. Others are scientific masterpieces with crazy filtration, and some are colorful, mouth-blown works of art.

They all do the same thing to varying effectiveness: filter and cool the smoke from combusted cannabis.

Bongs generally feature a bowl that holds dried weed. When you light the herb, it combusts. The action of inhaling on the mouthpiece of the bong creates suction. This suction draws the smoke through the water in the bottom, bubbling where the smoke comes through the water (percolation, if you want to get technical). As smoke rises through the water, ash, impurities, and some toxins get caught in the water. The result is purer smoke gathering in the chamber before entering your mouth and lungs.

Are Bongs Better For Your Lungs?

If you're looking for a smoother smoking experience with less harshness, then a bong will give you that compared to smoking cannabis rolled in paper or smoking through a hand pipe. 

The water in a bong eliminates the dry heat you experience when smoking a blunt or joint. The experience is often described as being creamy, smoother, and cooler than the harsh hit you get from a joint or hand pipe. 

This effect can be deceiving, though. While the smoother smoke might feel better on your lungs, you're still smoking and introducing chemicals and tar to your lungs. Smoke is still entering the alveoli ( Tiny balloon-shaped structures where oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged in the blood ) of your lungs, which can cause harm over time.  

Some of the harmful chemicals will naturally get filtered out with bongs, but not all of them. This is why getting high-quality weed that hasn't been grown with pesticides is essential. So glass pipes are a "safer" way to smoke weed or other herbs. But, not as safe as other consumption methods, such as vaping or edibles. 

Different Kinds of Glass Water Bongs

Beaker bongs: These glass pipes are in the shape of a conical flask or Erlenmeyer flask. They have a flat bottom, large body, and cylindrical neck. They often use removable diffused downstems, and the large chamber allows you to take massive hits.

Bent neck bongs: As the name suggests, these are glass pipes with a bent neck. This prevents the water from rising into the neck or your mouth. The bent neck also means taking hits in a more relaxed posture without bending directly over the bong. 

Straight neck bongs: These basic glass pipes have a straight tube and a mouthpiece. Sizes can vary, but they are all easy to clean.

Recyclers: A bong with multiple chambers to recycle the smoke that delivers a smoother hit.

Mini Bongs: These more compact small glass pipes are perfect for travel allowing you to take your favorite smoke away from home. Mini bongs are considered anything under 6 inches.

Perc bong or percolator bong: These pipes are the best choice for a clean, fabulous smoking experience. They maximize filtration and cooling by diffusing the smoke into different paths. This maximizes its contact with the water and speeds the cooling and filtration. They also look fantastic when used as the smoke is divided and sent rushing through different pipes and chambers can be mesmerizing.  

Glycerin Water Pipes: Glycerin is a non-toxic gel made from fatty acids. It is commonly found in food as a preservative or sweetener. This gel has a high melting point and freezes much faster than water, so you don't have to wait for hours like you would when making ice. 

Once frozen, it will stay that way for much longer than water would, making it a great alternative to ice bongs. 

When using an ice bong, as the ice melts, the water runs down past the ice notches and increases the water level of your bong. When the waterline gets high enough, it can cause splashback, and that's a real problem as nobody likes a face full of bong water. 

Glycerine bongs are the answer to these troubles. They offer the perfect way to cool down your pipe without adding to the water level. It can bring a better smoking experience and allows smaller pipes to cool effectively. 

Glycerin pipes sometimes feature a coil system, sometimes called condenser coils. These freezable parts can filter and cool the smoke passing through them. 

How to Smoke Out of a Water Bong

Before taking a hit from your bong, you need to put in some water and pack the bowl with herb.

1) Pour the water through the mouthpiece into the main chamber. The water level should come above the down stem. The down stem is the long pipe that connects the bowl to the water chamber.

Don't overfill with water. It should come no more than a couple of centimeters above the down stem or percolator if that's higher. Any more than that, and you could get splashback.

2) You want to grind your herb or dried flower before packing it into the bowl. You can use a herb grinder for this, but with some extra effort, your fingers or a pair of scissors can do the same job.

3) Pack your loose herb into the bong bowl. This is the cup at the top of the down stem. Place the larger pieces of the flower into the bowl first, as they will block the smaller parts from being sucked through the down stem when you smoke. Then pinch the finer ground herb, and sprinkle on top. Don't pack the bowl too firmly, or the air won't circulate, and the herb won't burn well. You can always add more later. You may find it helpful to use a metal screen or bong gauze to prevent even small parts of the herb from being sucked into the glass.

4) Wrap one hand around the bong. You can grip the chamber or around the base if it's sat on a table. Place your lips on or over the mouthpiece, making an airtight seal. With your free hand, hold a lighter to the bowl and ignite. At the same time, inhale deeply and steadily from the diaphragm. As the material starts to burn, the smoke will be pulled into the chamber and through the water, filtering and cooling it. Once the chamber begins to get full of smoke, remove the flame from the bowl, and continue inhaling. This will pull the smoke up into your lungs. To clear the chamber, remove the bowl; this increases the airflow so you can pull all the smoke into your lungs quickly./p>

If you can't inhale all the smoke in one go, remove your mouth from the mouthpiece, and cover it with the palm of your hand. This will prevent the smoke from dissipating. When ready, quickly place your mouth back onto the mouthpiece and inhale the rest of the smoke.

5) After you have deeply inhaled a lungful of smoke, hold it in for a few seconds before exhaling. You don't need to hold the smoke any longer than that, as it only takes a few seconds for maximum absorption of the good stuff. 

How To Clean Your Bong

There are many popular ways to clean a glass bong, but if you're a daily smoker, then you'll want to use the best method to keep your bong shiny and pristine for better hits. This is how passionate bong users clean their water pies.

What do you need to clean the glass bong:

Sea Salt

70% to 99% Rubbing Alcohol

Hot Water

Pipe Cleaners

Step 1: Empty the sink or get a large bowl in which your glass bong will fully fit. First, empty the old bong water and put the flower bowl, down-stem, and other movable parts to one side. Then pour the sea salt into your bong. When you shake the bong, the sea salt acts as a scrubbing agent, so be sure to put in a reasonable amount, 3 to 6 tablespoons, depending on the size of your bong.

Step 2: Fill the smoking pipe with two/three glasses of rubbing alcohol; adjust according to the size of the smoking pipe, leaving enough space to shake it well without the mixture overflowing from the top.

Optional professional tips– We use a cleaning cap to keep the cleaning solution inside. If you don't have one, you can use a small plastic bag and rubber band to seal the top of the bong and prevent spillage.

Step 3: Start gently shaking; this will mix the alcohol and sea salt, and start cleaning your smoker. You can also put your hand on the top of the hookah and shake it hard, but you must control your glass piece completely to avoid accidentally dropping it into the sink. When you shake, the salt will hit the side of the glass, helping to remove stubborn residue. Keep shaking for at least a good 5 minutes. 

Step 4: Repeat these steps until your pipe is clean. After, rinse the bong with hot water and then use a pipe cleaner to remove the remaining debris. 

Are Water Pipes Legal?

Yes, these devices are legal. However, in the USA, the Controlled Substances Act establishes US federal drug policy. The Federal Drug Paraphernalia Statute makes it illegal to sell, transport through the mail, transport across state lines, import, or export drug paraphernalia.

In the UK, Cannabis is illegal but owning drug paraphernalia is not unlawful. However, under Section 9A of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, It is a criminal offense "to supply or offer to supply an object for providing or preparing a controlled drug if a person believes that the article will be used in circumstances where the administration is unlawful."

"Drug paraphernalia" is sold by headshops found in just about every US and UK city and town. These smoke shops operate in a curious legal twilight zone. As tobacco pipes and other smoking accessories like hookah pipes, rolling trays, papers, rolling machines, etc., are not intended for drug use, they are allowed and openly sold. However, many headshops in the USA and UK will label items for tobacco use only and avoid the word "bong," calling them tobacco or novelty waterpipes instead. A water pipe bong is not sold at those establishments and won't be labeled as such. All the glass pipes on our Lookah webpage are for decorative and legal smoking use only. 

These headshops are not selling drug paraphernalia. They sell waterpipes, glass tobacco pipes, novelty pipes, etc. It's the same reason people could buy wine glasses and beer mugs in the era of alcohol prohibition. Until the item is used to smoke drugs, it's not drug paraphernalia; it is just a tobacco pipe, an odd-looking vase, or a piece of glass artwork. Lookah wants to clarify that all our glass pipes are for tobacco or other legal herb or concentrate use only. 

Many state-level laws in the USA differ regarding the legalities of recreational or medical marijuana use and paraphernalia, further complicating matters. We recommend you keep any paraphilia squeaky clean when traveling with it. 

Of course, it all depends on where you are. If you're in Colorado, California, or another state famously liberal with legalization laws, you're far less likely to encounter any issue should you be stopped or questioned. However, the outcome could be different if you find yourself in Alabama or Texas. The best way to protect yourself is to use these devices for legal activities and keep items clean and stored away when not in use.

Why Buy From Us?

Lookah glass has been making hand-blown glass bongs and water for over 15 years. Our well-established brand offers a full range of percolators, beakers, and small glass bongs, making Lookah Glass the best place to buy bongs online. All deliveries are direct to your door in sturdy boxes to reach you in perfect condition. 

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