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​How to Fix a Broken Bong


How to Fix a Broken Bong

 How to Fix a Broken Bong

For many marijuana smokers, a glass bong is a prized possession that takes pride of place amongst their cannabis paraphernalia. But owning a glass bong can also lead to heartbreak. If you have ever owned a glass bong, you'll no doubt be worried about breaking it.

No matter how vigilant you are, accidents can happen, and those who have experienced breaking their bong will tell you it can be gut-wrenching. Over time, we naturally bond with items, and bongs are no different; they represent so many good memories. I bet many reading this will still remember the first bong they ever purchased.  

But a broken bong can also be painful on the wallet. They can cost a good chunk of cash to replace. But what if there was another option? 

There are many ways to break a glass bong, from minor chips and cracks to a total shatter as it's dropped or knocked over. 

Not all are repairable. But if your bong is still reasonably intact with just a chip, crack, or a clean break, you may be able to repair it by yourself or with the help of a professional. 

Other times it's a lost cause, and the is nothing to do but sweep up the mess and purchase a new one.


Assess the damage

Broken Bong Assess the damage

As there are so many ways to break a bong, there is no cure-all, one fix. So the first thing you need to do is check if the bong is repairable. 

Bonbgfs can be made from a number of materials; plastic, silicone, wood, or metal are often much easier to fix than ceramic or glass which can be hard to repair, even for someone skilled with a blowtorch. 

Sometimes the damage will be beyond repair. If you dropped your glass bong and it shattered to pieces, then you're out of luck. There's no way you can pick up the pieces and put them back together. In this case, it's time to move on. But you can look forward to a new bong and soothing the pain with some smooth rips. 

If the downstream or bowl is chipped or cracked, you may be able to replace that part. Often a clean break or crack can be taken care of and patched up without much cost.  


Duct Tape

Duct Tape bong

Duct tape is the go for emergency repairs of all kinds. This could be an option if it's a part of the water pipe that doesn't get hot, and only two or three pieces need sticking back together. 

First off, you will want to clean and then dry the parts that need cleaning. This will ensure the tape will stick well. Put the pieces together as seamlessly as possible, providing a tight, firm fit. Then wrap the duct tape tightly around the area. 

This is a quick fix if you're in a pinch, and it's only temporary and isn't work well with parts exposed to water. 


Bonding Agents

How to Glue Glassbongs

If duct tape isn't up to the job, you may want to try some bonding agents. Try food-grade epoxy or silicone to ensure whichever you decide to use won't cause you any harm. Many bonding agents such as super glue may contain harmful chemicals that can be released under heat or leach into the bong water. 

This is a longer-term solution to the duct tape and a better option if multiple broken parts need fixing. 

Like with the duct tape, you need to make sure that all the parts are clean and dry before using silicone or epoxy, also ensure all the edges are smooth. If there are any jagged edges, you want to file them down, then rub them against sandpaper to get them smooth. 

For food-grade silicone and epoxy, you want to follow the instructions on the packet to prepare the silicone. Then carefully spread it along the cracks. Then press the pieces together and wait for it to set. 

If you can't find food-grade epoxy or silicone, then a two-part epoxy may be suitable. This kind of epoxy is made of resin and a hardener. Please make sure you get one that's heatproof and bonds to glass but don't use it on areas that will remain submerged in the bong water or come under direct heat.  


What Not To Use 

Duct tape, silicone, and some epoxy are all viable ways to repair a bong; they aren't perfect but are better than many other options some people try. 

Things you should not try and repair your bong include superglue, putty, and other similar sealants. Super glue is a big no-no. First of all, it doesn't stick to glass, which is obviously a problem if trying to repair a glass bong. And more troublesome than that is it contains harmful chemicals that can be toxic for humans. Some other glues do work on glass, but many of these have harmful substances in them, which you don't want anywhere near the insides of your body. 


Finding Professional Help

If the bong is too damaged for you to repair yourself, then you might need to find an expert. 

The prices for repairing a broken glass bong tend to vary depending on three main factors; The severity of the damage, the materials being used, and the experience and time needed of the repairer. 

Most skilled glassblowers can repair glass bongs by using a torch and kiln method. They will require you to remove any temporary repairs you have made and ensure all the pieces are thoroughly clean. 

If it's a broken or chipped mouthpiece or downstream, they will often be able to heat up that part and melt it back into the bong or else replace the part entirely. In many cases, cracked or broken bases can be removed and replaced, and even larger bases added to prevent the bong from tipping over in the future.

Most of these repair services are happy to give you a free quote before starting the work. You can email or message them some pictures of the damage, and they'll be able to provide you with an idea of how much it will cost to fix. 

Professional help can be expensive, but it can also make sure that your bong is fixed the first time correctly and work out a lot cheaper than buying a replacement. 

And while you are waiting for the repairs to be completed, you can always make a homemade bong.

Depending on where you live, there could be a large selection of glass repair studios, or alternatively, you may need to do some research. 

You can try asking your local headshop if they know any glass studios or artists that do repairs. Searching on Instagram could help you find repairers. 

We have also put a shortlist together of a few of the repair shops we have found. We haven't used any of these services, so we advise you to do your own checks to ensure they can help with your needs and provide the service you want before starting any work.

Itz All Goodz

Phoenix, AZ

itsallgoodz glass repair


Chatsworth, CA 

Batch Of Glass

Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego, CA

batchofglass bong repair

OTG Glass Blowers

Old Town Temecula, CA

OTG glass services.

Irie Motivations

Santa Cruz, Ca

Irie motivations


Colorado Springs, CO

Elev8 Glassgallery


Bridgeport, CT



St. Petersburg, FL

Fourward Glass

Torched Art Studio

Holland, MI

Torched Art Atudio



Glass Sheep

Prism Glassworks

Troy, NY

Prism Glass Gallery

Get Sky Glass

Eugene, OR

Get Syk Glass


Houston, TX


The Bern Gallary

Burlington, VT 

Bern Gallary