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Glass Dab Rigs & Dab Pipe Kits

Glass Dab Rigs

Lookah has the best glass dab rigs for sale online. If you love dabbing concentrates check out our massive range of hand-blown dab rig kits for decorative glass collections or to use with legal waxes and oils. Each of our glass rigs is hand-blown and finished to the highest quality.

Our dab rig kits are made from borosilicate glass. This type of glass is designed to withstand high temperatures. This high-quality glass ensures heat will not lead to fractures and that you can enjoy years of pleasure. If you're a connoisseur of legal concentrates, a dab bong is a must-have. It provides smooth, robust hits that will take your dabbing to the next level. 

Best Dab Rigs For Sale

When it comes to selecting the best dab rig kits, glass is the premium material of choice. There are cheaper and more durable silicone dab rigs and ceramic rigs, but glass is the most popular material for rigs.

Glass wax rigs allow for a smooth, quick flow of vapor. They are easy to clean and highly heat resistant. Glass rigs are nonporous, meaning they won't affect the taste like some cheap dab rigs made of wood, metal, or silicon. With a series of tubes and water chambers, the best rigs will quickly cool down and concentrate your vapor into a smooth, richly flavored,and full-strength hit in every drag. And to top it off, cool dab rigs look dope as well. 

If you want to buy cheap dab rigs, check the mini dab rigs and small dab rigs we offer. All feature exclusive, innovative, and modern designs at a great value. 

Tataoo Glass or Tattoo Glass Dab Rigs

"T'ataoo Glass," often pronounced Tattoo Glass is the premium hand-blown glass brand and trademark of Lookah Glass.
This is our premium line, the "pièces de résistance" of dab bongs and wax pipes. They feature the best unique glass rigs for sale you're ever likely to find.

The quality of our hand-blown Tataoo glass rigs & bongs is always outstanding, and we promise you won't be disappointed. You won't find cheap Tattoo glass rigs under $100 in this section of glass dab pipes, but there are plenty of unique dab rigs for sale, from cute girly dab rigs through to crazy dab rigs with heady glass designs. So if you want an excellent dab experience and heady glass daily  driver, these rigs will catch your eye.

Sign up for an account for wholesale dab rigs and contact us with your store/reseller info to upgrade and get wholesale prices and benefits.

What is a Dab Rig?

A dab rig, sometimes called a wax rig, is a water pipe or dab bong used to smoke concentrates such as legal cannabis extracts and plant oils such as THC, and CBD oil. 

Wax rigs come in many shapes and sizes but are typically around 7 to 9 inches tall. There are mini rigs that are the perfect option for smoking on the go and larger pieces that give an impressive presence and are as much art as smoking kits. 

What is a Recycler Rig?

Recycler dab rigs are a premium type dab wax rig that uses a series of pipes and water chambers to create a feedback loop. This means the same vapor can pass through filtration multiple times before being inhaled. With venturi chambers and propeller percs, these cool rigs keep the water circulating in a whirlpool effect. As the smoke is pulled through the recycler chamber, the water is cycled back into the percolator. This allows you to take huge dabs and enjoy a more flavorsome dab without harsh hits on your lungs. 

How Do Dab Rigs Work?

A dab rig has a nail or a bucket that is heated up to a hot enough temperature to vaporize the cannabis wax. The temperature needs to be above 350°F to turn the wax from a solid to a vapor. A butane torch is used to heat the banger or nail part. The dab rig has a chamber, sometimes with water in it, which the vapor passes through as the dabber inhales from the mouthpiece. The water cools the vapor sufficiently so it can be inhaled more comfortably. 

There are Several Types of Dab Oil Rigs

Dab rigs can come in a few different forms. There are simple Dab Straws AKA nectar collectors, classic banger hangers, and complex recyclers rigs with multiple chambers or percolation tubes.

What are Nectar Collectors?

Also known as dab straws, a nectar collector is a stunning portable type of dab rig that makes it easier than ever to enjoy your sweet nectar while out and about. 
These handy smoke tools can come in a variety of materials. The best bit is they are all effortless and straightforward to use. Inspired by nature's own nectar collectors, they are the latest buzz in the dabbing community.
Some Nectar collectors may also feature a glycerin coil or section. The glycerin parts can be frozen, and when the hot vapor passes through, it will cool it down, so it's smoother on the lungs. 

What are E-Rigs?

Electronic dab rigs are a new kind of vaporizer that uses electrical power heat and vaporizes your concentrate. This means you can dispense with the torch and bangers because, at the touch of a button, these smart devices do all the work for you. They are fabulous inventions that bring easy precautions to your dabbing world. Check out more details in our portable E-rigs category. 

What ar
e Fixed Downstem Rigs?

A fixed down stem rig is often more durable as the percolation point is fixed in the bottom of
the rig. This allows the rigs to have a lower profile and be more compact. These types of rigs are often called banger hangers.

What are Wax Rigs with Percs?

When it comes to dabbing, filtration is a big deal, especially if you like
big rips. To melt larger dabs quickly, you need a bigger banger or nail and also more heat. That heat is great, but it can be like a harsh blast of desert air on the back of your throat as your suck in a lung full of vapor.
To address this, you need a rig with a good level of percolation. The percolation forces the vapor through water which cools it down before it reaches your mouth and removes a lot of the harshness resulting in a smoother hit. 

Anatomy of a Dab Rig

1: Dab Nail/Banger
The dab nail should withstand very high temperatures; often, quartz is the favored material for this. There are different types of nail designs, and they can be made from other materials. 
2: Joint
The Joint is the part where the nail connects to the dab rig. Joints can be male or female in gender and come in different sizes, measured in millimeters. Some joints may be at 90 degrees like in this image, and others could be 45 degrees. It is essential to check this so your banger fits correctly and sits level which will maximize the surface area for melting wax. 
3 Downstem 
The down stem is the pipe that connects the joint to the rig. Most of the Lookah and Tatto glass feature fixed down stems. The end of the downstream usually has a slotted percolator.
4: Base
A large, sturdy base provides a strong foundation and prevents the glass from being knocked over easily. It also provides an excellent place to hold the rig when using it. 
5: Water Chamber
The water chamber is where the vapor travels to when it comes out of the down stem. The down stem will typically have a percolator on the end of it that is housed in this chamber. This provides filtration and further cooling. 
6: Neck 
Vapor travels out of the water chamber and through the neck. A longer neck can provide more cooling to take place. Some necks are slightly bent to prevent any splashback of water from rising from the chamber as you inhale.  
7: Mouthpiece This is the part you inhale the vapor from after it has passed through the wax rig.

How to Use a Dab Rig?

When you're dabbing, you're not technically smoking; you are inhaling the vapor. An oil or wax rig aims to vaporize the concentrate rather than burning the flower or herb, such as using a bong or smoking a pipe or rollup. 

You will need your wax or oil, a water pipe/rig, a nail, a butane blow torch, a dab tool, and a carb cap. 
1). Add some herb concentrate to your dab tool. 
2). Heat your nail with the dab torch until it's red hot, then wait 10-40 seconds for it to cool a little. 
3). Apply the chosen herb concentrate on the nail.
4). As soon as the concentrate hits the nail, draw from the mouthpiece. This pulls the vapor being produced from the nail into the rig. A carb cap can be put on top of the banger/nail to direct and control the airflow. 

Like a bong, many dab rigs feature percolators or recyclers to cool the vapor. You want the vapor to pass through the apparatus as quickly as possible to avoid losing potency. 

5). The cooled vapor then reaches the mouth and is inhaled. The result is a pleasing and smooth hit.

How to Clean Dab Rig

If you want to keep your dabs tasting great, then you'll need to look after and clean your dab rig. This isn't hard to do and is well worth the effort. 
You will need a few basic supplies. 

Rock Salt
90% or higher isopropyl alcohol
Paper Towels
Hot water

Here are the basic steps needed to clean your dab rig. 
1) Pour out the dirty water
2) Run warm water through the rig to loosen the residue
3) Pour a little isopropyl alcohol into the chamber
4) pour in 4 or 5 tablespoons of rock salt
5) Plug down stem and cover the mouthpiece with paper towels. 
6) Shake the alcohol and salt mixture around
7) remove the paper towels and pour the salt and alcohol mixture away. 
8) Rinse thoroughly with water
9) Clean up any remnants around the down stem with tips 
10) Lay out on a towel to dry

What to Look for in a Dab Rig

There is a lot to consider when buying a dab oil rig. Selecting the correct size rig, the percolator type, as well as style and look. While a small rig is more comfortable to handle, a larger one can cope with heat more dissipating it over a larger area so it won't get as hot.

Smaller is sometimes better. Oil and wax are stickier than dry herb, tobacco, or other legal plants. This stickiness means that when there is more glass between the mouthpiece and downstem, the vapor has to travel further and will lose more flavor.
Percolation provides a smoother hit by providing a cooling effect. There are several different percolators. The more complex ones can offer better cooling, ideal for higher temperature hits. Still, they are also more time-consuming to clean. 

Two and four-hole percolators are preferable because they cool off the dabs without chopping up the water too much. Not all glass joints are the same, and they typically come in three main sizes, 10, 14, and 18 millimeters. Each joint can be male or female. The joints' size determines the airflow, and the gender will indicate what type of nail to buy. 

High-Temperature Dabbing Versus Low-Temperature Dabbing

Temperature is essential when extract vaping because it has a profound effect on the
flavor and intensity. The higher the temperature, the more intense. Like most things when it comes to dabbing, the temperature is a personal preference.

How long to heat up a dab rig glass nail or quartz bucket will depend on the kind of torch you are using and also the size of the nail/bucket. Generally, it will take a few minutes to heat up the banger. If you don't have an infrared thermometer gun to measure the temperature then it will take a little experimenting to get the temperature right. 

You want the banger to be glowing red hot. Then let it sit for around 40 seconds or so.  This should allow it to cool to the ideal temperature range. Check the consistency of your concentrates from dab to dab. If the banger is oily after the vapor has stopped coming off it then the temperature is too low. If the whole dab burned up and you only got a small amount of vapor then the temperature was too high. 

The nail needs to be around 315°F to start releasing the terpenes from your concentrate, and the goodness keeps on coming as the temperature increases.

However, once the temperature reaches 440 °F, you're in danger of scorching. As the temperature increases beyond this, the vapor becomes hotter and harsher. This is where having a water bubbler to cool down the vapor is beneficial, but high-temperature hits can still be too harsh for some. 
High-temperature dabs are suitable for the impatient who want a heavy, dense hit and a more intense vapor. While you'll feel the effects more, it comes at the expense of flavor. When the concentrate is vaporized at a higher temperature, it muddies the flavor. The mellow and sweeter notes can become harsh and bitter. It can be that higher temperature hits reduce you to a coughing fit. 

Low-temperature dabs require a bit more skill in controlling the heat. Still, you'll experience a broader flavor spectrum, so if you've got your hands on a tasty strain, you'll get the fuller flavor. You will also take longer and smoother hits, but some concentrate may be left behind. 
When dabbing, you need to consider the type of nail or banger you will use. Dab nails can be with a dome or domeless nails. They can be titanium nails, ceramic nails, quartz nails, or glass nails. Each has advantages and disadvantages that need consideration. 

How Much For a Dab Rig - Best Cheap Dab Rigs Under $100

The price of a dab rig will depend on the size of the item, the materials it is made from and the skill or craftsmanship required to produce the piece. Rigs made by well-renowned glass blowers that exhibit a high level of detail in aesthetically appealing glass pieces can sell for thousands of dollars. Glass blowing is an art form and those who are masters in this skill make pieces that are as much pieces of art as they are functional dabbing devices. The glass dab rigs from Lookah are more affordable with prices from around 70 to 300 dollars. 

If you're looking for a quality dab rig under $100, then the BigMom range is sure to interest you. These small dab rigs made from high-quality glass offer affordability without sacrificing any functionality. Small rigs are very portable, come with a quartz banger, and have good filtration. Made specifically for vaping concentrate, they offer the best value dab rigs under $100 online.

How to Choose a Dab Rig?

When dabbing first broke into the mainstream, dabbers often changed the bowls from
large water pipes with a dab nail and called it a day. But over the years, dab rigs have developed their own style, significantly changing them from the larger beaker bongs.

Dabbers started trading in the big straight-tube water wipes for dab rigs half the size or smaller.  
These smaller dab rig kits may not have the same physical presence as larger pieces, but they often sport more artistic and intricate designs, which leads to their premium price. 

Before you rush to buy a dab rig, there are a few things you should consider. Firstly, will you need a recycler dab rig, or will a standard banger hanger do?  A recycler rig's extra cooling could be a
massive benefit if you are after more significant vapor clouds and like higher temp dabbing. 
If you have an e-nail or other accessories, take note of the joint size - you want your new glass to fit your favorite nail or banger. Otherwise, you'll end up having to fork out for an extra one. 

Finally, consider the color, style, and design of the glass. Does one of those artistic pipes with bulging eyes or horns call out to you? How about the honey bee pipe with its rich decorations, or maybe you've settled on a sandblasted pipe with a geometric design? Whatever your preference, we are sure you can find the perfect dab rig kit to suit you best on our Lookah online headshop. 

Why Buy From Us?

Lookah Glass and Tataoo Glass have been manufacturing high-quality glass products for over 15 years. We have more than 100 different and unique water pipes and dab rigs for sale, with new products, introduced all the time.

With our vast assortment of sizes, designs, and themes, we're sure to have something to fit every customer. You don't need to pay hundreds of dollars for a quality heady dab rig. You can buy high-quality cheap dab rigs for under $100. In addition, Tattoo Glass wholesale vendors can contact us for special bulk purchase prices.

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