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Can I Smoke Cannabis In My Hotel Room?


Can I Smoke Cannabis In My Hotel Room?

 Can I Smoke Cannabis In My Hotel Room?

How to Enjoy Legal Weed in Your Hotel Room

The summer is in full swing, and many people will be looking to enjoy a vacation and relax. If you like to chill with some weed on your vacation, you may ask yourself if you can smoke in your hotel room? You may also be planning on traveling with weed. In which case, you may enjoy this article: Tips on traveling with marijuana.

We need to consider two factors to determine if you can smoke marijuana in a hotel room. Firstly, is the hotel in a state that has legalized recreational cannabis use? Secondly, does the hotel allow smoking in rooms?

Is it legal to smoke weed in my hotel room? 

Is it legal to smoke weed in my hotel room?

In the US, the West and Northeast have a lot of states where marijuana is legal such as California, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Main, Massachusetts, etc. However, it is still illegal in much of the South and Midwest. 

If you're in a state where recreational marijuana is legal, then so long as you are over 21, possessing personal amounts of marijuana is not a crime. Personal amounts vary from state to state, but the lowest is half an ounce. The laws making the possession of marijuana legal also allow you to smoke weed in a private place but not in public. 

A hotel room is considered private property, so you are not violating the state's laws against public consumption if you're smoking marijuana in the privacy of a hotel room. 

Smoking a joint in states that allow recreational cannabis consumption is the same as smoking cigarettes in a hotel room so you won't get arrested.


Do hotels allow smoking in hotel rooms?

While some hotels do allow cannabis smoking, plenty has no-smoking policies. 

So long as you rent the correct type of hotel room and smoke discreetly, you should be fine. 

You should get a smoking room or one with a private balcony. That way, you can step out on the balcony to smoke legally or smoke in the room. 

Avoid hotels with a non-smoking policy and getting stuck in a no-smoking room. 

Going outside and finding a hidden smoking spot (breaking the no smoking marijuana in public laws) will take the enjoyment out of smoking and put you on edge. You risk getting a fine or worse if you get caught. 


What about using a vaporizer in my hotel room?

What about using a vaporizer in my hotel room?

Most hotels that have non-smoking rooms will not allow vaping in those rooms either. So even though it's less likely to be detected, you may need to consider it the same way you do smoking. Remember, vapes can still trip some smoke detectors, so make sure your smoke away from these. 

When searching for a hotel in a cannabis-friendly state, be sure to check for rooms with smoking or balcony in the room description. There is a growing number of cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts.


I want a weed-friendly hotel stay?

If you can, try to find a 420-friendly vacation rental. 

These properties are owned by people who cater to cannabis consumers. There will be designated areas of the property for smoking, or some will be entirely marijuana-friendly.

Some will even provide accessories such as pipes, bongs, and rolling papers to enjoy. 

Search for 420-friendly rentals to see if there is one where you will vacation. 


Just be cool about it

If you're discreet and respectful with your legal weed smoking, you won't have any problems at your hotel in a legal weed state. 

If you consider weed smoking as you would cigarette smoking, you understand the norms in legal weed states. Get a smoking room or one with a private balcony / private patio, and you're all set for a wonderful 420-friendly stay.

This guide is meant for general advice only and NOT as legal advice. 

Please refer to state laws and hotel policies for exact laws and regulations.