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​Tips on traveling with marijuana


Tips on traveling with marijuana

 Tips on traveling with marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has gained a lot of momentum. Indeed, it would not be wrong to say that it is now more of a global movement than anything else. Countries like Canada, Argentina, Mexico, South Africa, and Uruguay are now at the forefront of this movement and have fully legalized cannabis. Many more nations have legalized it for medical use or decriminalized it completely. This is just the tip of the iceberg, and many countries are now moving towards following suit.

While it's certainly a great idea to enjoy weed tourism by visiting weed-friendly countries, you should keep in mind that there are many restrictions when it comes to moving these drugs and even paraphernalia in and out of a country. This is true in countries and even states that have legalized marijuana. 

**Please be advised that country or state laws and policing attitudes to cannabis are liable to change. This article is not meant as advice on the legalities of traveling with cannabis or related products. Always check the law of the country/states you are traveling to/through and follow the law**

Now let's take a look at some concerns when it comes to traveling safely with marijuana:


Taking weed or vapes on a plane

Flying into and out of a weed-friendly country

Flying into and out of a weed-friendly country or state is always better than driving. Once you leave a weed-friendly place, the police may look at you suspiciously, especially if you use your own vehicle. They may even opt for a thorough search if they feel they have "just cause." Suppose you're flying out at the end of your holiday; it's safest to leave any leftover products behind than be tempted to take them with you.  

As a word of caution, 

Even though most states have technically "legalized cannabis," marijuana still remains illegal at a federal level in the US. 

On the TSA Instagram page, it says they are more concerned about security, and terrorist threats, so do not actively look for marijuana. 

However, there is a but, and in the words of the TSA, it could "really harsh your mellow." 

"In the event, a substance appears to be marijuana or a cannabis-infused product, we're required by federal law to notify law enforcement," which includes items intended for medicinal use. 

If you are going to risk taking weed on a plane then you should familiarize yourself with the TSA regulations. Make sure you don't give the TSA agents any reason to check your bags, ensure you don't have power banks, batteries or other electronics, flammable liquids, weapons, or any other items that may make them single you out for a bag search. You can take a vape on a plane which hasn't been used for THC/CBD, such as e-cigs vapes. But you can't take your cannabis or THC vape on a plane as any residue of drugs is illegal to transport by air. 

It may be easier to get away with edibles, like gummies, in a generic package such as Haribo but this is still illegal, and while it may be possible it is not advisable, as you can end up in a lot of trouble. 

Driving to your destination with marijuana

Driving to your destination with marijuana

Of course, in many cases, you can drive to your desired destination with marijuana. You should make sure the amount is only sufficient for personal consumption. If you have dozens of kilograms of stuff in your car, it could cause at least a few awkward problems, even in weed-friendly areas.

To avoid suspicion, make sure it is out of sight and sealed in a plastic bag so that its pungent smell is hidden from anyone who may be nosey. 

While it may be possible to drive around a good deal of Europe and several US states with a small stash, it doesn't always make it legal. 

If you do decide to drive with marijuana make sure to not smoke in the vehicle, any odor of weed in a vehicle can be enough for the cops to pull you over for a closer inspection. 

Try to be as inconspicuous as possible and stick to the laws of the road and the speed limits. Speeding or running stop signs is a sure way to get the attention of other road users and law enforcement which is not what you want to do. 

Remember, before you set off, check the laws of the places you are traveling to and from and act accordingly.

Marijuana on a road trip

smoking marijuana on a road trip

Many people aren't sure how safe it is to carry marijuana on a road trip. However, consuming it purely for its own recreational purposes should not cause any problems in a country that supports marijuana. Of course, it should go without saying not to consume it while driving or on the road. 

But getting an international driving permit would certainly be very helpful in driving in many weed-friendly countries abroad. This is especially true in states that have fully legalized weed production for recreational purposes. Not only can you enjoy the culture and heritage of your chosen resort up close and personal, but you can also enjoy a truly mellow evening after a busy day of sightseeing. 

When in doubt - always check the land laws

If you are in any doubt, it is always a good idea to check the law first for any place you are traveling to or from with marijuana. 

To do this, you can take advantage of all available resources, such as online travel forums, law websites for that particular state, and government, state, or law enforcement websites. 

If you still have questions, please consult other travel companions who have made similar trips. Alternatively, you can always try to visit the country's embassy webpage and ask them directly for information about traveling with marijuana.

While it is certainly possible to carry small amounts of weeds across states and borders, it is always better to consult relevant authorities before planning a trip. In this way, you will be able to travel with complete peace of mind and not have any anxiety during your journey.

Can carry states!

If you're traveling in a weed-friendly state, it's okay to get caught. Authorities are more interested in fighting crime and contraband than recreational marijuana. That's what weed-friendly nations are all about. However, please pay attention to the quantity you carry. If it goes far beyond what you might need for personal consumption, then it's likely to get some attention.


If you're traveling with marijuana in a weed-friendly state or country, you shouldn’t have to worry because it's legal.

As more and more people are traveling around the US with small amounts of weed, there is less chance of law enforcement and authorities pursuing a conviction. Most have much better things to do than pursue people for a little bit of weed. However, be sure to check the laws before planning your trip.

But one thing that could land you in serious trouble is trying to take cannabis or any other drugs across international borders.

There's no gray area on this, IT IS ILLEGAL. Anytime you pack up your passport, thoroughly check your luggage for forgotten medicines and herbs. Even if flying between "weed friendly" countries you can't take drugs on a plane or across international borders. It is easier to buy them at your destination than risk going to jail.