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Where is the glass pipes king?


  Glass pipes king offline business is difficult to do, this is the rise of e-commerce industry consensus.

  Khoo said: "Glass bong king brand hopes to find a channel that is both capable and powerful on the Internet." Strength means whether you have money or not, and ability means whether you will invest. In fact, people who can invest are not rich, and the rich may not be able to sell goods, but are playing with resources.

  According to different resources and capabilities, the wax vaporizer channel is divided into labor, and agency distribution is the current mainstream mode.

  An entrepreneur of the glass bong king told Burning Finance that a common practice in this industry is to replace a bullet in the bong king suite. The difference between the total price of the product and the final retail price is about 60%. The lower agent enjoys a discount of 5.5%-40%, and the next agent or distribution price enjoys a discount of 7.5%-20%. The discount rate varies according to the agent level.

  Different access discounts mean different gross profit margins. Before the products are finally sold in stores, the funds are stored through the channel system. Every increase in the number of channels will increase the capital and manpower by one percentage point. This is the complexity of offline channels.

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  E-cigarette network ban, which originally belonged to online inventory, was immediately shut down.

The ban was introduced at a delicate moment two weeks before the official start of Singles Day, when major brands had already started pre-selling. Most of the brand's Singles Day inventory had to flow into offline channels.

On the Internet, the relevant departments, represented by the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, are carrying out comprehensive publicity and standardized management on the hazards of bong, which has set off a wave of industry clean-up.

Lei Yu, the general manager of Haimanpu and HIMOP brand in Beijing, told Burning Finance that some local cigarette shop owners tried to sell the glass smoker, but usually the tobacco bureau will come soon. previously reported that the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau held a meeting to ask the physical stores around the campus to remove the products related to glass scenery from the shelves, but it did not involve the surrounding areas of the campus, and it was not allowed to force the physical stores to remove the fat Buddha glass or impose any form of punishment. However, according to China Business Daily, the tobacco monopoly bureaus in Shiyan, Chengdu and Nanchang extended the control scope to the shops near the shopping malls and schools. Shopkeepers are faced with an "either-or-the-other" choice, either requiring ready-made fat Buddha glass, or imposing administrative penalties or even being disqualified from tobacco monopoly.

Although many lawyers pointed out that the tobacco monopoly regulations did not mention that the administrative authorities have the right to impose administrative sanctions on the sales of electronic cigarettes under the exclusive retail license, the fact undoubtedly affected market confidence.

Andy, chief operating officer of Sir Alex Ferguson's Fat Foglas, told burn finance that it is becoming more difficult to transport the dab rigs for sale through channels, resulting in a serious inventory backlog. Many glass brands have started to count their inventory and asked agents to clear their inventory. In order to sell goods immediately, some agents began to sell at lower prices. There are hundreds of thousands or even millions of goods in the warehouse. If they don't sell hundreds of thousands a month, the capital chain may collapse within two months. “。

In some glass gold-giving associations, some agents have started to sell their products. "One to five disposable cigarettes are randomly selected for free." "Everything is free," a provincial agent who threw away the goods told Burning Finance. "After a few days, no one will want it.

Under the pressure of shipping, the price confusion of glass gold is getting more and more serious. Previously, agents and distributors at all levels agreed that transportation prices were affected by policies and were at risk. Before the industry was recognized as the "glass king tampering platform", it blocked the glass king keyword, that is, the original online random commodity, and directly transferred it to the offline channel according to the regulatory requirements.

Now, the bong industry will continue to exist, but the brand will turn a blind eye. ""said an agent.

The hoarding of dab pen disperses online and offline channels for a long time, which cannot be digested in a short time, occupying the funds of channel operators and increasing operational risks.