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​How Many Puffs Will You Get From Your Vape Cartridge?

vape cart and cannabis

How Many Puffs Will You Get From Your Vape Cartridge?

 Vape cart and cannabis

A common question for those new to vaping is how long will your THC or CBD oil cartridge last? 

There is no definitive answer to this question, as many factors will determine how long your particular cartridge will last. 

You should consider factors such as the battery's wattage, how high the heating setting is, the viscosity of the oil or wax in the cartridge, and how long you usually inhale each time. 

For these reasons, two people with similar tolerances and vape frequency may go through a vastly different number of cartridges over the same period. 


How does the battery affect the life of the cartridge?

You may not know it, but your battery can significantly affect how long your cartridges can be expected to last. Having a battery with a higher wattage shortens the life of the battery itself (which needs to be recharged more frequently) and affects the life of the cartridge. A pen with a higher wattage usually means that it will create higher temperatures in the atomizer. A lower-wattage pen will heat the atomizer at a lower temperature. The higher the temperature, the more vapor will be produced each time you take a hit meaning the wax will be consumed faster.  


How does the viscosity of the oil or wax affect cartridge life?

This may seem obvious, but the thickness of the oil or wax will play a significant role in the life of the cartridge. In most cases, a thinner liquid like oil means it burns more slowly. In contrast, a thicker, more viscous oil may need to be heated longer or at a higher temperature to produce the desired vapor. 

Therefore each hit from a cart with thicker oil or wax will vaporize more of it. 

Another factor to consider is what's in your vape pen - as there are several different types of extracts used to make vape pen carts.


Don't forget to consider your personal vaping style.

Again, this may seem obvious, but your experience with the same cartridge may be completely different from someone else's. There may be several reasons for this, but the battery you have, the heat setting you choose, and the amount of time you inhale all play a role in creating every hit that makes up your vaping experience. 

However, the number of times you can do this will certainly vary from person to person. Higher temperatures and longer hit times are guaranteed to mean you go through your cartridge faster than you would like.