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Happy 710! Dab Day: What is 710?How to celebrate the 710?


    LOOKAH Wish you 710 happiness!If you take a lot of marijuana concentrate, which is a small amount of marijuana, then I'm sure you already know what it is. The 710 is a marijuana holiday.However, many people may not know what it means.You'll find that the 710 appears a lot in social media posts, especially on July 10 or July 10.Whether you live in a medical marijuana state or a recreational (adult) marijuana state, pot lovers can take advantage of the fact that, after 420 holidays, we now have a marijuana holiday.

Meaning: What does 710 mean?

    The 710 is a slang term used to describe and celebrate cannabis concentrate, similar to the usage of 420.The puzzle was chosen because when you turn the number upside down, it spells "OIL", a word commonly used to refer to cannabis concentrate.Hemp oil can be used with pre-packaged LOOKAH vape cartridges, or in harder ways such as wax, crushed, crushed, or live resin/diamond for application.Thus, the 420 celebrates all cannabis and cannabis culture, and the 710 is aimed more at consumers who enjoy cannabis most in their lifestyle.

When is National Day?

     The 710, affectionately known by stonemasons as National Militia Day, is celebrated every year on July 10 (7/10).This is similar to the way we appreciate weed culture and celebrate 420 every April 20 (4/20).Now, you can use the 710 friendly when discussing civil buildings, just as the 420 is friendly.

Happy 710!

     We can now celebrate this July 10th holiday every summer in the United States, with events and dispensary specials in states that have legalized marijuana.People have come up with all sorts of fun ways to incorporate cannabis concentrate into their celebrations, such as twisting their joints, putting a bit of weed on LOOKAH Glass or wiping it gently as usual.

What is 710 Friendly?

     When something is mentioned as 420 friendly, many people immediately associate weed.Cannabis consumers will use the 710 friendly term to distinguish what they specifically mean by cannabis concentrate.Both marijuana users and non-marijuana users, 420 is a fairly common language.As cannabis concentrate becomes a new consumption option, it is just entering the mainstream language.But if you're surrounded by people who are avid consumers of marijuana, it's already part of their vocabulary. 

     LOOKAH will give friends a big discount on the 710, and the 710 will make everyone happy,Let's look forward to it.