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​Feeling sleepy after smoking marijuana? Here's what you can do


Feeling sleepy after smoking marijuana? Here's what you can do

 Feeling sleepy after smoking marijuana?

Drowsiness can be a side effect of cannabis, which can be difficult to control if you have no experience with the drug.

There's a reason marijuana is suitable for those who struggle to sleep. The plant allows the body to naturally unwind and relax, which is excellent for anyone looking to get some Zzzs. But if you aim to get high and chill a little, then fatigue is a side effect you can do without. 

Here are some valuable tips to help you counteract the sleepy effects of marijuana.

Change your Settings

If you can't or don't want to go to bed, the most helpful thing to do is change your settings. 

Try going for a walk; walking is beneficial any time, exposing you to fresh air and new surroundings, and can be done in almost any situation. 

Talking to a friend will help engage your mind and help break through the tiredness. 

You can try eating something (preferably with protein) to help shake off the feeling of lethargy. 

Alternatively, try doing something that focuses on the mind. 


Have a Workout

Have a Workout

Exercise is one of the best natural energy boosters in the. Studies have shown that low-intensity exercise reduces the symptoms of fatigue.

Exercise helps you sleep better and reduces fatigue by spurring your body to produce more mitochondria. These break down glucose to create fuel for your body, giving you more energy. 

It may be too much to ask your body to go for a run when you're sleepy, but some light stretches can do the trick, making you feel more present and alert.


Take a Shower

If you are at home or a friend's house and start feeling that intense cannabis-induced sleepiness, jump in the shower. 

A cool shower can help wash away that drowsiness and leave you feeling more awake and refreshed, ready to continue your day rather than curl up in bed or on the sofa. 



A cup of coffee or tea is always a good choice when you need a quick energy boost. 

Some studies have shown that caffeine can enhance the effects of THC and produce a more pleasurable and effective high. Considering that one is a relaxant and the other a stimulant, you should start slowly when mixing the two.

Keep Busy

Cannabis doesn't have to be the instigator of drowsiness. Make a list of things you want to do, and then try to keep busy doing them after smoking pot. 

Like doing a workout, keeping active can reduce the feeling of fatigue.
It can be regular chores like washing clothes and cleaning the apartment or odd jobs you didn't get around to doing, like tending to the garden or washing the car.