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Using CBD oil and its impact on us

CBD oil

Using CBD Oil and Its Impact On Us

When it comes to vaporizing CBD, you can't just vaporize any CBD oil you find on the market. For example, you can't fill your vape with CBD tincture oil and expect it to work. Most of the oils you see on the market are made for use under the tongue (sublingual ), and not made for vaporizers. The oil base for CBD oil and a CBD e-juice for vaping is different and have different USES.


Don't confuse CBD tincture oils with CBD e-liquid. By better understanding the differences between CBD solutions, you'll be able to make the smart choice when it comes to buying CBD oils. 

CBD oil and Flower

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What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is the common name for a cannabidiol oil or phytocannabinoid-rich oil. 

This is a natural molecule found in marijuana and cannabis plants that has therapeutic effects on regulating the body's endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid system is an all-natural body system that helps regulate the body's dynamic balance process in all mammals. The body's dynamic balance is maintained through many physiological processes, such as internal temperature, which is produced by sweating or shivering.

Cannabidiol became increasingly popular throughout 2019 and could be expected to soar in 2020 and beyond. CBD benefits many users because of its relaxing effect on various diseases and ailments, which are not limited to pain, anxiety, insomnia, etc. With its popularity, CBD infusion products have taken the industry by surprise.

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Is CBD oil the same as CBD Vape oil

In short, no, the ingredient list for Vape oil doesn't actually include any oil. The answer is not always clear when researching whether CBD oils can be used. In my opinion, I find that most articles that say you can use CBD oils are somewhat misleading.

The CBD industry exploded in 2018, bringing thousands of new products to market every day, with millions of consumers in the United States alone. This has created thousands of new products flooding the market, all claiming to do everything else, but better.

It is easy for the average consumer to feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information and may impulsively buy the product without fully understanding its true function. One of the big misconceptions in the CBD industry is that CBD oil, hemp oil, and CBD vape oil are basically the same thing. They are not.

CBD oil

The most common name for cannabidiol containing oil is "CBD oil" or cannabinoid-rich oil. Cannabis, coconut, and grapeseed oil are the popular basis for the compound's suspension, thus making it "CBD oil." CBD oils are usually eaten under the tongue, topically or in capsules or edible form.

CBD Vape oil

Real CBD vape oil doesn't actually contain any oil at all but is based on VG or vegetable glycerin; this is what many e-juices are based on.

Vegetable glycerin is used as a solvent or carrier for electronic liquids so that you can vaporize CBD from the device, and it can also help inhale the product to create a thicker "cloud." It will also contain CBD extracts and possibly terpenes and flavorings.

Many electronic liquids are still prepared in PG or propanediol, which are often used as part of the VG solvent base because they vaporize when heated.

Fortunately, we live in an era when there are many VG-only based formulas on the market. This VG oil is used to make "all-natural" CBD Vape liquids. If you have no choice but to buy a VG/PG mix, look for the lowest VG to PG ratio, I .e. 80/20 VG to PG.

Unlike CBD vape oil used for inhalation, normal CBD tincture oil can only be ingested under the tongue. Inhaling CBD tincture oil can cause serious, even life-threatening effects, such as lung inflammation caused by fat (oil) particles or lipoid pneumonia.

What do I need to know about Vaping CBD?

With Vaping CBD, users can enjoy the fun of CBD anytime and anywhere and can reduce the activation time to 20 minutes until the results are felt. Vaping CBD is most suitable for sleep problems such as migraines, panic attacks, chronic stress, and insomnia.

Atomized CBD may help alleviate serious diseases such as pain, but it usually does not relieve pain as tincture oil does inside. If you want to determine which product is best for you, choose Vaping CBD if it can complement your current lifestyle rather than hold you back.

As the industry has grown, many companies have failed to offer full advertising, leading to widespread questions about the safety of e-cigarettes. One of the biggest scares in the atomization industry has been the illegal addition of additives to products sold on the street.

There have been news reports of deaths linked to removing vape liquid with vitamin E oil and other dangerous particles. This is a real concern when deciding where to source, but don't panic when buying from a reputable CBD distributor.

Your local CBD store should require test results for all products on its shelves to ensure product quality. Don't let this stop you from using CBD to atomize, as this is only a small part of the risk compared to the huge benefits that many people get from using clean CBD products to atomize.

Do your research. Buy only from reputable brands. Your health is not worth sacrificing for saving a few bucks and a little time.

CBD capsules

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How do I use CBD oil?

CBD Sub-Ohm (traditional tank system)
The first step to properly absorbing CBD is to buy high-quality CBD e-liquids with the fewest ingredients. There is no fixed dose in Vaping CBD or CBD in general.

Everyone's body reacts differently to the molecules and needs to change the dose to suit their needs. It's best to take one step at a time, inhale a little and wait a while to see how it feels between before continuing.

The second step is to get your equipment ready. Any vaping device with a refillable tank can be used; In general, sub-ohm vapes or those with finer temperature controls will evaporate more smoothly than other pod systems.

If you have a sub-ohm vape setup, then pour the liquid into the tank, and if a new coil is inserted, soak it for about 10 minutes. Failure to saturate the coils inside the tank can result in dry cotton burning, destroying the taste of vape and the coils' life.

CBD cartridges

Another common way you might see CBD vaping is with the use of 510 threaded CBD carts. The 510 vape cartridge is a slender tank designed to thread onto smaller batteries, similar to the original "pen" style e-liquid vapes. These units use completely different liquids and typically do not support VG's vaporization, but rather the vaporization of concentrate (e.g., distillate).

Cannabis distillate is different from isolating CBD by itself. This type of CBD oil will often contain other cannabinoids and terpenes, which are found in cannabis plants. The material is purer, more potent, and often more versatile than conventional CBD infused oils. These type of CBD carts usually offer the highest quality cannabis distillates for maximum results.

In general, these 510 carts will be sold as prefilled single time use cartridges. After the oil cartridge is used up, it does not need to fill again and is just disposed of. The liquid in these is extremely viscous and would prove difficult to work with inexperienced users, so refilling is not practical. 

How much does CBD oil cost?

To calculate the cost or value per mg (milligram) of CBD oil, divide the price by the total mg of CBD.  

For example, a bottle of CBD oil costing $120 and containing 2,400 mg of CBD costs 120/2400 per mg, which works out at $0.05 per mg.

A CBD tincture price can vary across brands, but the average cost tends to land somewhere between $0.05 to $0.20 per mg of CBD. If you're paying more than 20 cents per mg of CBD, you're likely overpaying.

Is CBD oil worth it?

If you want to buy CBD oils online, there's no doubt that many cannabis products can choose from. In addition to CBD oil, you can also choose various application styles, such as CBD capsules, gummy candies, local lotion, etc.

But if you want to vape CBD oil remember to make sure your oils don't actually contain any oils. Please choose the product with the lowest PG levels and always purchase your products from reputable sources. Don't by second-hand e-liquid or CBD oil from unlicensed distributors or street vendors. Always use a proper device. For 510 cartridges, we'd recommend the Seahorse Pro or Snail vape pen.