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​A beginner's guide to joint crutches


A beginner's guide to joint crutches

A beginner's guide to joint crutches

A filter or a crutch are interchangeable words used to describe a mouthpiece that allows smokers to have good airflow in their joints

Those new to rolling joints will want to improve their skills. 

Adding filters to the joints can increase their smoking experience and is an easy skill to learn. 

Experienced smokers may find this element unnecessary, but it will likely help those new to roll joints. This article highlights the main benefits of crutches and provides detailed guidance on making a filter for your joints.


A step-by-step guide on how to roll the crutch

A step-by-step guide on how to roll the crutch

You don't need a background in origami or special equipment to make a joint filter. 

However, some basic techniques will make it easier. 

Most people roll their first filters by simply rolling paper into a cylinder; However, this spiral structure has a few drawbacks:

  • It's not strong and can easily lose shape.
  • The large hole that forms in the filter's center will allow weed particles to enter your mouth.

Here is the best and easiest way to make a joint filter:

  • Take a piece of filter paper and cut out a rectangle 2.5 to 3 inches long and 3/4 to ½ an inch wide. The size doesn't have to be perfect, but it's easier to roll something consistent. 
  • Start folding at one end of the paper, alternating directions like a concertina shape. Create a zigzag pattern shaped like an "M" or "W." Some people use "V" or "N" designs. Keep the folds as tight as possible, as these will catch the excess herb particles. Three or four folds should be enough, but feel free to experiment and find something that works better for you. Be sure to leave at least half of the paper unfolded.  
  • Roll the remaining end of the paper around the folded section. Press the paper down as you roll, preventing the springy folded part from unraveling the filter. This extra layer of paper around the folded part acts as a housing that prevents the filter from expanding. You can trim off any excess paper if you have too much. 
  • Place the crutch on the end of the roll paper, so it sits in the joint. 

Once rolled into the joint, the filter will retain its shape, while its elasticity will prevent the filter from falling out from the end of the joint. 

Now you can enjoy the benefits of joint crutches while smoking. With a bit of practice, you can find the ideal rolling material and make crutches like a pro.


What is a joint filter?

Joint filters

Filter and crutch are interchangeable words for the mouthpiece put into the end of joints. 

It is a holder that allows the smoker to open the joint structure to supply airflow. It has many benefits; However, it does not filter out the fine weed particles as cigarette filters do. The main concept behind using crutches is to improve the smoking experience.

Typically, they are placed in joints and spliffs and are less commonly seen in blunts.


Why use filters in the joints?

Filters are not a necessary part of your joints, and you can enjoy smoking without a tip instead. Still, some users get a better experience when they use a filter to smoke marijuana. Here are some of the reasons to try them. 

  • Crutches help to create a good shape for your joints. It becomes more structured and is easier to hold. 
  • A well-shaped crutch will improve the airflow making the smoking experience smoother and more consistent. It is beneficial in tightly rolling joints. 
  • Crutch paper does not absorb moisture, so you will not receive a damp joint when in rotation. 
  • The joint adds a buffer space between the weed and the part you hold and smoke from. As you get closer to the end, this keeps your lips and fingers from burning. 
  • The filter allows you to smoke marijuana without waste.
  • The filter holds back the weed, so you won't draw herb particles into your mouth as you smoke.


Select materials for your filter

Filters can be made of different materials but are almost always paper. The best crutches to choose from include:

  • Business card 
  • Thin cardboard 
  • Back of a checkbook 
  • Index card 
  • Postcard 
  • Top of a cigarette pack 
  • Manila folder. 

It is important to use stiff paper. It shouldn't be bulky like a cereal box, but it shouldn't be flimsy like printer paper. Avoid paper that contains a lot of dye and ink. It should be free of bleach and other chemicals. Make sure you are breathing in all-natural materials that are safe for your health. 

Now that marijuana has gone mainstream, other versions of the filters are emerging. Some of these are rolled into the joint, while others slide over the end like cigarette holders. In addition to paper filters, you will encounter filters made of:

  • Husk of corn 
  • plastic 
  • wood 
  • ceramic 
  • glass 
  • silicone 
  • metal 
  • Activated charcoal.

Glass filters are becoming more and more popular. They look like little hollow cylinders. You roll them up into the bottom of the joint, like paper. These combined filter alternatives are stronger and reusable, which is good for the environment. They cool the smoke and filter out the ash, but they don't hold back the herb particles as well.


Ready-made with homemade filters

If you are not bothered about making your own filters, or if the process will add a lot of extra work to your smoking experience, choose pre-cut or pre-roll filters that require zero or no work and save time. If you purchase a pre-rolled cone or joint, then it usually comes with a filter. There are reusable glass filters tips for joints that are easy to clean and can be used countless times. 

Choose paper versions, as they allow you to taste the marijuana better and enjoy the cleanest smoke. Typically, pre-cut filter paper is 2 to 4 inches long and 3/4 of an inch wide, depending on the manufacturer. Also, ready-made crutches with visible filters help remove any tar. 

Headshops and dispensaries sell brands that make fiber-based paper crutches. They are made in special mills and are easy to process. Long fiber paper is designed to roll smoothly and hold its shape well. 

Homemade crutches vary in size, depending on the material and the rolling technique of the smoker.


The art of joint crutches

Similar to rolling a beautiful joint, there is the art of rolling a filter. Depending on your creativity, there are a variety of ways to roll the filters. You can try making some of the following shapes:

  • Accordion 
  • Stars 
  • Heart 
  • Mercedes logo 
  • Hemp leaf.
  • Flower head 

After mastering basic rolling principles, you can perfect your technique and impress your stoner friends with your creations.