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8 New Year Resolutions for Cannabis Lovers


8 New Year Resolutions for Cannabis Lovers

Every year as we enter January, people make new years resolutions. 

These are often easier to make than keep, but if you choose something you enjoy doing, they don't have to be. So instead of the run of the mill resolutions, like going to the gym, losing weight, reading more books, etc. Why not mix up your new years resolutions with some of these cannabis-inspired ones. They may not all fit your lifestyle, but a change can be good for us, and we're sure there s a few on this list that will appeal to every cannabis lover out there. 

Happy New Year with Cannabis

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Grow your own weed

If you like to get your hands dirty and aren't afraid of a little sweat and elbow grease, this could be the new year's resolution. 

Many states allow people to grow their own weed. Most states/countries that allow this have limits on the total number of plants you can have at any one time. In most of Canada, it's four plants per household, while in the US, it varies from zero in some states up to 12 in states like Michigan. Be sure to check out your state laws first. You wouldn't want your new year's resolutions being curt short by being arrested. 

It takes some time and effort, but the reward of smoking your own homegrown weed is well worth it. If you're stuck at home at this time, growing weed can be a good distraction, and all of what you need to get started can be purchased online and delivered to your door. 

Growing weed

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Try different strains

It can be easy to fall into the habit of just buying and smoking your regular strain. We get it, stick to what you know, and you won't be disappointed, right. But smoking the same stain or dabbing the same concentrate day in day out can get a bit repetitive. Why not push the envelope a little and move away from your comfort zone. There's no harm in expanding your cannabis horizons, and who knows, you may find a new favorite that gives an incredibly high while firing up your creativity.  Different cannabis strains will have a different effect on our bodies and minds; some high THC strains may be good for mood disorders, while higher CBD is better for treating pain, which you can read bout in our article rich in CBD or THC.

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Take a tolerance break

A good resolution for the new year is to take a tolerance break. We're not suggesting you quit permanently, but sometimes a short break from weed can be an excellent way to reflect on life with and without cannabis.  

Over time your body will build up a tolerance to the cannabinoids, most notably THC. By taking a break, you allow the tolerance levels to go back down. The bonus is that after your tolerance break, you'll get higher from less product. 

As cannabis isn't physically addictive, you won't get withdrawal symptoms from taking a break, so it's a lot easier to stop smoking cannabis than it is, says nicotine.

Whether it's a few days, a week, or the whole month, taking a tolerance break can be very rewarding and can also help you save a little money. 

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Try out new ways to consume cannabis

A change is as good as a rest, or so the saying goes. There are lots of different ways to consume cannabis. Smoking a joint, blunt or bong, dabbing concentrates, using a vape pen, or even consuming edibles. Each one has its advantages, and each offers a different type of high. 

Why not use January to broaden your horizons and try a different consumption method. 

If you usually smoke weed, why not try vaping it? If concentrates are your thing, try a wax vape or dab pen instead of a dab rig. Why not try edibles as a different way to consume your cannabis? 

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Spend less on weed

Following the excesses on the holiday season, you may well be on a tighter budget in the new year. Smoking daily can be a real drain on the bank, and it all adds up. That is why January could be an excellent time to cut back on the expenses. You could also combine this with a tolerance break from cannabis. 

If you know you don't want to quit for the whole month, set yourself a strict budget for January. Set out what you want to spend on weed, and don't exceed it. By buying in bulk at the start of the month, you could save on shipping. Alternatively, use an onsite cannabis finder like Leafly or PriceofWeed to find the best deals in your area and save money that way.

Eater healthier snacks when you get the munchies

Resisting the urge to break out the snacks when high can be almost impossible. The more you smoke, the more you want to eat. If your new year's resolution is to lose weight or eat healthier, then the munchies could be the undoing of it. So why not make a plan for more nutritious snacks, rather than chips and cookies, stock up on celery sticks, nuts, carrots, and fruit or trail mix. Instead of reaching for the candy, these healthier alternatives can bring an energy boost, satisfy your food cravings, and let you conquer your weight goals this January. 

Smoke in a new place

Getting blazed doesn't have to be restricted to your home. 

A big part of the experience of being high is dictated by our surroundings, whether it's sitting on a beach watching the sunset, strolling in the woods, exploring the city, your neighborhood. 

Finding a new smoking spot will add a new dimension to your high. 

Clean your smoking equipment more

If you use a bong, dab rig, pipe, bubbler, or vape to consumer your cannabis, then you know how dirty these can get. Making a resolution to clean your smoking stuff more often will lead to better tasting hits and is healthier for your lungs as well. Suppose you're switching between strains or concentrates. In that case, you'll notice all the different flavors and richness much more intensely rather than the flavor being overpowered by ash, resin, or residue of previous hits. 

For many of us, 2020 wasn't the best of years. It was unpredictable and full of stresses from lockdowns to work security, unable to see loved ones, and often overwhelming. Maybe you want to implement some changes in 2021 and feel like taking back some control. We hope these weed inspired resolutions can help you have a better, more optimistic 2021 and wish you all a happy new year!