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5 Surprising Reasons to add Herbs to Cannabis

Reasons to add Herbs to Cannabis

5 Surprising Reasons to add Herbs to Cannabis

 5 Surprising Reasons to add Herbs to Cannabis

Adding herbs to cannabis is a great way to experiment with your preferences and get extra benefits. Here are some herbs to consider.

To take your smoking experience to the next level and make the most of marijuana, you can use different herbs to supplement it. It may seem strange at first, but don't dismiss the idea until you try it.

Pot lovers are always looking for ways to enhance their smoking experience. These innovations help segment the market and attract more people who can use it in different ways. Products such as CBD oils with herbal blends were developed through these experimentations.

One of the main attractions for new users is the potential health benefits of cannabis. Different types of marijuana products and compounds, such as CBD, are associated with different results.

There are many other categories to choose from, but the focus here is on herbal mixes. If you've been wondering about them, or can't seem to get your head around them, here are five reasons you should try adding herbs to your cannabis.


Add flavor

Enhance the smoothness of the smoke mixture

It's understandable that some people don't like marijuana the way it is. This is where herbs come in handy, as different herbs have different flavors that can complement or combat marijuana. You can try different combinations to find the one that works for you.

If you like a bitter taste, you can try sage. For something a little spicier, choose passion flower. Mint is the best choice for adding freshness to a mixture.

Enhance the smoothness of the smoke mixture

Making a rollup

One consistent problem is the irritability of marijuana smoke, which is not as light as other bendable materials. If you can't get over it, mix your mixture with herbs to reduce undesirable side effects.

Mullein, for example, is an anti-inflammatory herb that helps reduce weed smoke. It also removes excess mucus from the body. It's easily available and pairs well with a hint of earth.

Enhance cannabis properties

Cannabis has a variety of properties that herbs can amplify. Cannabis, for example, is most commonly used as a relaxant. Therefore, by choosing the right herbs, you can increase the effect. 

Rose petals have a calming, almost soothing short-term effect that promotes relaxation and mood. It's also a great nicotine replacement, so that's another plus. Chamomile and lavender are also popular choices for calming effects.

Enhanced smoking experience

Whether you are a light or heavy smoker is a matter of personal preference. Some users add herbs because they want maximum calm, trance, or other desired effects.

If you want to feel more elevated the next time you smoke, try adding hops to your mixture. Smoking is said to have a psychotropic effect, giving a feeling of trance and possibly lucid dreaming when you sleep.

Extend the life of cannabis

In the end, the best thing is to have a perfect orgasm and still have weeds left for later. Using a mixture mixed with herbs can save a lot of products each time you smoke. 

Depending on how you like to mix and how much you use, you can make marijuana last much longer than usual.


Adding herbs to your weeds is a great way to experiment according to your preferences and get extra benefits. Herbal mixes are becoming increasingly popular and can be found online and in stores. You can give it a try and see what the hyping is all about!