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10 Weed faux pas to avoid in social situations


10 Weed faux pas to avoid in social situations

passing the joint

Like any culture, weed culture has its customs. Long-time weed lovers have learned many of these customs through experience, trial, and error, or from good friends.

While a large part of becoming a regular weed smoker comes naturally, there are still some things you want to avoid in a social setting. In other words, you don't want to make a weed faux pas.

Use our weed faux pas list to prevent yourself from breaking the Stoner Code. By avoiding these missteps, you'll have a good chance of getting invited back the next time the group gets together for inspiration.


The term bogarting comes from the song lyrics "Don't Bogart me" by the American band Fraternity of Man. It means don't hog the joint. 

You've probably heard of "puff, puff, pass" or "pass it to the left," which essentially means the same thing. Pass to the left came from another song called "Pass the Kutchie" by a British Jamaican band called Musical youth. 

When they are younger or don't have much spare cash, many people will share the price of a "teenth" or "dub" of weed. Everyone put in, so when a joint is rolled, it will get passed around with everyone taking two drags and passing the joint to the next person. Passing is done in one direction to ensure the weed gets evenly distributed. 

Bogarting is one of the most common faux pas in the cannabis social environment and is when someone forgets to pass the joint on. It can happen unintentionally if you are drunk and your mind is wandering.

Try to stay alert and take a hit or two before passing to the next person, so everyone has a chance. You can continue telling the story after you pass on the joint. 

Being a Mooch

Weed wasn't always so readily available. It was typical to share what you had with friends; smoking, after all, is a social activity. If you can, you should contribute by sharing your weed if you have. You may not always have weed on you, so it is good form to offer to share the cost of the weed. If you continually turn up to smoke but don't contribute, you look greedy and are being a mooch. Try to match your friends as much as possible. After all, you're not just sharing a smoke, you're sharing an experience. 

Torching the bowl

filling the bowl

There's nothing like a torched bowl to raise the eyebrows of weed lovers. The idea of incinerating all those beautiful herbs will make terpene lovers scream. 

When you get a newly packed pipe, make sure you corner the bowl. 

To do this, gently use the lighter along the side of the bowl so you just burn a part of the weed. That way, the following few people in line can enjoy a delicious hit and not get your half-burned leftovers.

Smashing when ill

This has been a faux pas long before COVID-19, but it's even more so now. 

No one wants to take a joint from the lips of someone who has just coughed and sneezed. 

You should probably stay home and rest your lungs if you have a cold, but if you have to go sesh, at least take your own joints and avoid rotation until you feel better. 

You may also want to consider switching to a vape, edibles, or a cannabis drink to give your lungs a rest.


Not sharing the first hit

In weed culture, sharing is caring, and everyone should enjoy a fresh joint every now and then. 

While some will say whoever rolls or provides the weed should get to go first, others believe it's nicer to share. So if you are the one who was rolling or supplying the herb, it's nice to share the first hit. 

Have someone else light the joint or bowl every once in a while.

It's nice to see your friend's eyes light up when they realize you've given them a gift of the first hit from a freshly packed bowl or rollup. 


Look after the cherry

Pay attention to how your joints, blunts, or bowls are burning, and speak up or take action if you notice something isn't right. You always want to pass on something smokable to the next person. Also, if smoking from a pipe, clear the chamber before passing. You don't want to pass on your stale, tasteless smoke.


Ash before you pass

Ash before you pass

If you're smoking in a friend's home or car, you should tap off the ash before passing the joint. That way, you keep everything clean and ash won't get spilled all over the floor. 

When it comes to bowls, you should never pass on an ashed bowl. If the herbs have all been burned and you were the last to use the pipe, then clean that bowl up before passing it on. It is nice to pass on a fresh bowl to the next person so they can enjoy some green herbs.


Don't play favorites

If you're in a group situation, don't go out of your way to hand the bowl/joint to a specific person. 

It's not good to cut the line and mess up the rotation by playing favorites.  

The general rule is to pass from your left, so stick to that if you need to figure out who the next one is going to be.


Don't pocket the lighter

Don't be a lighter thief. Always return the lighter to its owner after the sesh is over. Don't simply forget and put it in your pocket. 

This may seem like a small thing, but when you often have to buy new lighters, it can get very old very quickly. 

If you are standing outside, there may not be anywhere to put down the lighter, and it can be tempting to put it in your pocket for safe keeping but don't. As soon as you've finished using it return the lighter. 


Don't over smoke your welcome

Close friends often have a "make yourself at home" policy, but always remember to show appreciation for the host's hospitality and access to their pot. 

Never smoke the last of their pot without permission, and always ask before using any of their equipment, such as papers, grinders, and rolling trays.  

If you are staying with friends for a few days, provide some money for the weed budget or return the favor by hosting next time. Don't forget to clean up the trash and ashes on your way out!