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Seahorse tips troubleshooting


  What's wrong with lookah seahorse tips having electricity but no smoke?Most people have the habit of smoking at ordinary times, and most of those who smoke are men. Some people find that they can't smoke when smoking lookah seahorse tips. There are many reasons for this.What's wrong with lookah seahorse tips having electricity but no smoke?Here's why lookah seahorse tips don't work.Let's find out.

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  What's wrong with lookah seahorse tips having electricity but no smoke?What's wrong with lookah seahorse tips not smoking after refueling?It is estimated that the connection between the atomizer and the battery rod is not in good contact. The following steps are recommended:
  1. When the cigarette holder is opened, the thread should be vertically pulled or inserted. Please do not tilt the thread at an Angle.
  2. Do not add smoke oil from the hole in the middle of the atomizer. The middle vent is not the refueling position (see the figure above for the correct method of oil injection);
  3. Lookah seahorse tips is the principle of high temperature heating. Condensation will be generated at the top of the smoke rod.
  4. Besides the use frequency, the service life of the atomizer has a very important relationship with the habit of use. The service life of the atomizer can be extended by keeping more than 5 seconds between each use interval.
  6, lookah quartz co smoke rod built-in lithium battery has no memory activation, full charge
  7. Lookah quartz co smoke lever is controlled by pressing the button to suck at the same time. Turn on the device and press it for 5 times.After not smoking, even press 5 times, you can shut down.
  Lookah quartz co has electricity but can't smoke.
  May be operational problems, there are many factors influencing the out of the smoke, lookah quartz co atomizer installed after the first rest for 5 minutes again, if still can't out of the smoke, is the atomization core questions, replace lookah quartz co atomization core, according to the practice of before doing it again, or if not, is the atomizer and battery poor contact, use for a long time to master the skills, won't appear similar problem.
  The reason should be that there is no smoke oil in the suction nozzle (smoke bomb), smoke bomb to add smoke oil or change smoke bomb try;2. The battery is dead. If the battery light is flickering or the light is off when you smoke, it means the battery is dead.3. If the battery is normal and there is smoke oil in the cigarette holder, it is recommended to replace it with a new atomizer.
  What's wrong with lookah seahorse tips having electricity but no smoke?Why don't lookah seahorse tips smoke?
  Lookah glass water pipe is an electronic device that mimics a cigarette, with the same look, smoke, taste and feel as a cigarette.It is through the means of atomization, such as nicotine into steam, so that users can smoke a product.Although lookah glass water pipe has a style or brand name, the lookah glass water pipe typically consists of a pipe containing a nicotine solution, an evaporator, and a battery.Powered by battery rods, the atomizer converts liquid nicotine from the cartridge into a mist, giving users a smoking-like sensation while inhaling.It can even add a variety of flavorings, from chocolate to mint, to the pipe, depending on your preference.
  The above is the related introduction of how lookah glass water pipe has electricity but can't smoke. If you encounter the fault of lookah glass water pipe that can't smoke, first exclude the reason of the atomizer or the reason of the host battery, you can change the atomizer test to know, if the host is good, you can usually change the atomizer core to solve the problem.