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​ What to Expect From Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

What to Expect From Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles

Not familiar with cannabis food? Here's how to consume and what to expect.

Marijuana has become almost mainstream, with about 88% of the population supporting legalization. Homemade snacks like cookies and brownies are the original edibles, but in the new world of legal entertainment, you can get high-end chocolate, gummies, all kinds of candy, and even cannabis-infused drinks. 

Those who are of legal age and reside in one of the 23 fully recreational states can walk into a store and buy edibles just as easily as they buy beer.

Science shows that marijuana is better for you than alcohol, has medical benefits, and unlike alcohol, doesn't lead to drunken fights or arguments. 

As alcohol use declines and marijuana consumption increases, a new generation is paying attention to a different recreational pastime. 

If you are unfamiliar or unfamiliar with cannabis edibles, then here are some tips on how to consume it and what to expect. 

The first and most important piece of advice is to start low and work slowly.


Understand the dose

Edibles purchased at dispensaries or stores should be labeled with the dosage of each item or portion. Most contain about 10 milligrams per piece. The dose for recreational users should be between 5-10 mg for a pleasant high sensation. Only experienced marijuana users and medical marijuana patients are advised to start taking doses above 15 mg. People usually eat a portion of the food first (2.5-5 mg) to observe the reaction. For homemade foods, such as classic cannabis brownies, you'll need to check how much cannabis oil/butter was added to them to determine the dosage. You should proceed with caution to avoid overdoing it and having a bad experience. 


What is the effect?

When you eat an edible, the cannabinoids/THC are the part that gets you high. This is similar to ethanol in alcohol. Unlike joints, vapes, or oils, which go directly into the bloodstream, edibles first enter the stomach, then the liver, and then the bloodstream and brain. THC works best with fats (such as chocolate) that help it activate in the body.


Timing is everything

Due to the consumption method, it takes an average of 45 minutes to an hour for edibles to take effect when consumed on an empty stomach. When eaten with a main meal, it can take up to three hours. If you don't feel anything within 1.5 hours, you can have a little more because you know that the buzz will be prolonged once you reach it. You don't want to keep consuming as this can result in you getting way too high, leading to anxiety or a panic attack. The high will peak in about two to four hours. You can eat more to keep the buzz going. As you become more familiar with the use and how your body reacts, you will be able to manage the length and effectiveness of your trip.


What will happen

As depicted in many classic cannabis culture films, everyone has their own reactions, ranging from relaxation to sleepiness to just being curious about the beauty of the world. The type of cannabinoids you consume can have different effects. Foods with higher THC content generally have a stronger intoxicating or psychoactive effect. Foods that are higher in CBD will have a more calming effect and will actually relax you and help you reduce anxiety. 

Keep in mind that no one has died from overdosing on marijuana, and you can always go to sleep if you experience a bad reaction. 


Learn to enjoy

When you start consuming edibles, find a comfortable atmosphere to start in, and don't think about it too much. Relax and enjoy the trip. Make sure you have some water and snacks on hand. Set the atmosphere with some gentle lighting and calming music.