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How to Make a Water Bottle bong?-Five steps make it easy for you to learn

Drinking from a plastic bottle

Drinking from a plastic bottle

Imagine when you want to smoke bong but you live in a very remote place, around can not be bought, this time you, is not at a loss, and even a little angry, do not worry, we teach you to learn to make their own bong hand in hand

What is a Water Bottle bong?

water bottle

A water bottle bong is a makeshift smoking device crafted from a plastic water bottle and other everyday items, functioning like a traditional weed bong.

It filters and cools the smoke through water before inhalation, offering a smoother experience that's less harsh on the throat and lungs.

While not as visually appealing or durable as unique bongs, they are a practical and cost-effective alternative for those on a tight budget or in need of a quick solution.

On the other hand, a water bong, commonly referred to as just a bong, is a more refined filtration device designed for a similar purpose—smoothing out the smoking experience by using water to cleanse and cool the smoke.

Why Homemade Water Bottle Bong?

Homemade water bottle bongs provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional bongs, saving money in the long run.

They offer customization options, allowing users to personalize their smoking experience and express creativity.

By upcycling materials and reducing plastic waste, homemade bongs contribute to environmental sustainability.

Additionally, the ease of access to materials, health benefits from using safe components, and social bonding opportunities make homemade water bottle bongs a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts.

What materials do we need?

Driven by both personalization and affordability, handmade bongs have grown to be a popular choice among enthusiasts.

Wouldn't you, as a bong enthusiast, want to make a brand-new bong!

Making a water bottle bong is a simple DIY project that requires a few basic materials.

Materials Needed:

- An empty plastic water bottle of any size (larger bottles hold more water and smoke)

- Scissors or a box cutter for cutting the bottle

- Aluminum foil for creating the bowl piece

- A small piece of paper, screen, or metal socket for filtering the smoke

- A pen or a small tube (hollow and with a removable tip) for the downstream

- Optional: Stickers, markers, glitter, or other decorative items

- Optional: A lighter or matches

Safety Precautions:

- Only use the device if you are of legal age and in a legal location

- Use clean, non-toxic materials

- Use the bong responsibly and avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence

How to Make a Water Bottle Bong?Water Bottle

Now that we know the ingredients, let's get down to business!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1. Prepare the Bottle:

Clean the water bottle thoroughly, removing any labels, stickers, or residue. Use warm water and soap, or rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

Ensure the bottle is completely dry.

Step 2. Create the Downstem Hole

Cut a hole about halfway up the bottle for the downstream, which connects the bowl to the water chamber.

The hole should be slightly smaller than the diameter of your pen or tube.

Step 3. Create the Downstem

Use a pen or small tube as the downstream Remove any obstructions from the pen and poke holes in the end for airflow.

Secure the downstream to the bottle with tape or glue, ensuring it reaches the water level without touching the bottom.

Step 4. Make the Bowl

You can use a metal socket, aluminum foil, or a glass bowl as the bowl piece. If using foil, fold it into a cone shape and poke holes in the bottom for airflow.

Attach the bowl to the top of the water bottle.

Step 5. Create a Carb

The carb is a small hole that allows you to control airflow and smoke.

Cut a hole near the top or bottom of the bottle, large enough for your finger to cover and uncover it.


In exploring the infinite possibilities of craftsmanship, transforming an ordinary water bottle into a chic piece of pipe is undoubtedly an attempt full of creativity and individuality.

However, in this process, we must make safety the primary guideline for our actions, while respect for and adherence to the law is a bottom line we cannot cross.