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How should I clean the sub-cigarettes?


General jet water pipes amazon is mainly composed of three parts: a cigarette tube containing nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery rod and can convert the liquid nicotine in the smoke bomb into mist, so that the user has a feeling similar to that of smoking when smoking, thus realizing "swallowing clouds and spitting fog". It can even add flavors of chocolate, mint and other flavors to the pipe according to personal preferences. However, jet water pipes amazon needs to be cleaned after using it for a period of time, otherwise the taste will become sweet and the atomization effect will become worse. So how should it be cleaned? Let's look at the method.

  Jet water pipes amazon's cleaning method

  1, fill a small bowl of warm water; In addition, use another bowl to hold a small amount of wine/vinegar/cola (gasoline is the best for washing grease, but considering that jet water pipes amazon directly enters the mouth, it is not recommended to use gasoline); According to the structure of jet water pipes amazon (here, the author's super-sensation jet water pipes amazon is taken as an example), disconnect the battery rod and put it aside. Disassemble the cigarette holder, atomizing bin, atomizing core, smoke guide pipe, atomizing core base and other parts, soak in warm water for about 10 minutes, then take out all of them, wipe off the water on each part with towel, and change the water again.

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  2. Cleaning the cigarette holder, atomizing chamber, smoke guide pipe and atomizer base: Take out the components from warm water, use tweezers to hold cotton balls to dip in the cleaning solution, and wipe back on the surface of the components until the traces on the components are cleaned and the smoke smell on the cigarette holder completely disappears. Rinse the residual cleaning solution with water, and then wipe it clean. Pay attention not to use too much force to prevent cotton from remaining in the threads, thus preventing jet water pipes amazon from being assembled tightly.

  3. Cleaning the atomizing core: Clamp the oil guide rope on the atomizing core with tweezers (not if there is no oil guide rope), and slowly pull out the oil guide rope; Clamp cotton with tweezers and dip it in the cleaning solution, go deep into the inside of the atomizing core and the electric heating wire, scrub it carefully until the surface traces disappear and there is no smoke oil or peculiar smell, then rinse and dry it with clear water. Then, cotton is used as an oil guide rope, and tweezers are used to clamp the oil guide rope into the heating wire.

  4. If there is oil guide rope, snail lookah needs to be washed once every half month and replaced once. snail lookah needs to be washed and replaced when replacing smoke oil with new taste. If there is no snail lookah with oil guide rope, it is only necessary to clean snail lookah once a month.

  5. After all parts are cleaned and dried, assemble all parts completely. Turn on the power supply, dry burn snail lookah for a second to make an encounter, disperse all the water vapor in the parts, and then add snail lookah smoke oil again. Too much water vapor on one side will affect the taste.

  How to Deal with Decreasing Atomization Effect

  1. Wash with water and warm water. Pour excess warm water into snail lookah atomizer, swing quietly for one to two minutes, then pour out the water and blow dry with an electric blower. This method is very complicated, but it will still retain the taste of snail lookah oil.

  2. Vinegar, put the atomizer into clear water mixed with vinegar, and then stop cooking. After about ten minutes, rinse with clear water and blow dry. Cleaning jet water pipes amazon atomizer with vinegar is a good choice, and the effect is still good.

  3. Coke: Soak the seahorse lookah tips atomizer in a cup of cola beverage for 24 hours. After completion, take it out, wash it with warm water, cold water and boiled water, and blow dry it at first. This method is very complicated and the effect is not very ideal. Before, the taste of tobacco oil was still very strong.

  4. Vodka, blow-dry the atomizer, pour in excess vodka, seal the mouth of the atomizer with your fingers, and shake quietly for one to two minutes before pouring out. Then rinse with hot water and let it dry. Remember, there is no need to blow dry, the taste of vodka needs to fade away. This is a very simple way, but it is also a relatively ineffective way, which can basically eliminate the dirt and taste on the inner wall of seahorse lookah tips atomizer.

  5. Inclined placement method: lay a piece of paper towel on the table top, place the atomizer obliquely below, and place for 24 hours. The smoke liquid in the seahorse lookah tips atomizer will gradually leave out. Then rinse with warm water and blow dry with an electric blower at first. This is also considered a relatively ineffective method. Of course, if you think the above methods are very complicated, the most local way is to change the atomizer indirectly, which saves time and effort.