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Does Marijuana Increase Your Metabolism?


Does Marijuana Increase Your Metabolism?

 cannabis and metabolism

Does marijuana cause weight gain or increase your metabolism, helping you lose weight? 

Everyone wants to prepare their beach body and look good with summer here!

In 2022, weight loss programs, diet sodas, low-calorie frozen foods, and gym memberships generated a whopping $76 billion in sales. People are always looking for a magic solution; the current trend is the diabetes drug Ozempic.

Weight loss tips are everywhere, from cabbage diets to fasting to gut busters. But what about marijuana?

We all know that alcohol contributes to weight gain, but what about marijuana? Does it affect your metabolism and body type?

Anecdotal evidence would suggest cannabis would make us fatter due to the munchies and related unhealthy snacks.

However, some evidence suggests that marijuana interacts with cannabinoid receptor 1, which affects metabolism and food intake.

It appears that consuming large amounts of marijuana can increase metabolism and reduce energy storage, resulting in a lower BMI. However, similar to other effective weight loss methods, it takes time to see results rather than sudden weight loss.

Different strains of cannabis have different effects on these metabolic processes.

"THC may increase appetite, but CBD helps with carbohydrate metabolism, fasting insulin, and overall metabolic function, reducing and suppressing appetite – they work together," says Junella Chin, an integrative medicine physician in New York and California who specializes in medical marijuana and osteopathic neuromuscular medicine.

"Having a cannabis formula that is balanced in THC: CBD, or primarily CBD, helps reduce snacking."

In 2013, the American Journal of Science published a report stating that marijuana users have a lower prevalence of obesity, despite extensive empirical and anecdotal evidence linking them to a high-calorie diet.

According to the study, "the most important finding is that current marijuana users appear to have better carbohydrate metabolism than non-users," said Murray Mittleman, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and lead author of the study, in an interview with TIME magazine.

"They have lower fasting insulin levels, and they seem to be less resistant to the insulin that the body produces to maintain normal blood sugar levels."

What about the long-standing link between marijuana and snacks? Sales of "junk" food – mainly crisps, biscuits, and ice cream – have increased in US states where cannabis is now legal, according to a study.

However, it's essential to remember that correlation does not imply causation. Just because these foods are selling more while marijuana is legal doesn't mean marijuana is to blame.

Body maintenance can be challenging, and it's advisable to consult your doctor before starting a significant weight loss program. Changing your body takes time, and you shouldn't expect dramatic changes in a short period. It's also not healthy for your system. Exercise, proper diet, and sufficient sleep are key factors in maintaining a healthy body.