The Best Bongs 2024 You Need To Know


best bong you need to know

Hey friends. Ever felt like you've hit a wall in your water bong journey? 

Maybe you've tried the good ones, but you're on the hunt for the best. 

Well, buckle up and grab your giggle water, because we are taking you on a wild ride through the world of bongs. 

Prepare to have your mind blown!

Essential Bong Picks for Every Smoker

We start with a succinct overview of the top 5 best bongs, each standing out in their ways, making them, in our opinion.

The Best Sexy Bong--8" Penis Mini Bong

penis bong

Behold the penis bong, a creation so bold and artistic. 

Sculpted by the hands of skilled artisans, this piece is more than just a smoking accessory—it's a statement of pure, unapologetic swagger. 

With its daring design, it's a conversation starter that's as captivating as it is cheeky. 

One glance, and you'll find yourself drawn into its enigmatic allure, a true spectacle of craftsmanship that's sure to leave you with a new appreciation for the art of the bong.

Its height of 8 inches makes it easy to carry in almost any suitcase. You can use it anytime.

The Best Ergonomic Bong--23" Cool Glass Tall Gun Bong

tall gun bong

This remarkable object is tall and slender, like an elegant shotgun. 

It is equipped with a popular tree bubbler that effectively diffuses and cools the smoke as it passes through. 

This filter not only helps to cool the smoke but also moisturizes it for a smoother and more enjoyable experience. 

The smoke travels down the bong into another chamber filled with water. 

Here, the smoke is filtered a second time to further enhance the purity of the smoke. 

This ensures that every puff you take is of the highest quality and free from impurities.

The Best Novelty Bong--8" Apple Mickey Bong

Apple Mickey Bong

Divergent from the conventional bongs, which often adhere to a straightforward or beaker-like form, this cute bong offers a cornucopia of unique shapes. 

This cute bong is in the shape of a bear, with the joint for the downstem being where the mouth would be. 

At 8.5 inches, this small dab rig has a simple disc perc and is bent next to prevent splashing back. 

Its small size makes it easy to hold with one hand. 

It has a gorgeous, cute design, and this colorful bear bong will make a great daily driver. 

The compact size and vibrant color of this cute bong are not just aesthetically pleasing; they are an invitation to express one's creativity and individuality.

At its core, this mini bong is a celebration of the user's distinctiveness, a testament to the joy that arises from harmonizing beauty with practicality.

The Best Gothic Bong--12" Cool Ghost Cone Bong

Cool Ghost Cone Bong

The cool ghost cone bong is a hauntingly beautiful piece of smoking equipment that captures the ethereal and mysterious essence of Gothic aesthetics. 

The design of the bong is centered around a ghostly silhouette, which is both its most striking and defining feature. 

The ghost's form is depicted in a cone shape, with an ethereal, translucent appearance that gives off a spectral vibe. 

It's a design that's as functional as it is visually captivating.

The bowl of the cool bong is a skull with a long tongue, adding a unique and playful twist to the overall design. 

It's a detail that sets this piece apart, making it a conversation starter and a distinctive addition to any collection of smoking paraphernalia.

The Best Octopus Bong--6" Mini Octopus Glass Bong

Mini Octopus Glass Bong

The Mini Octopus Bong is designed with a playful octopus theme, featuring a beautifully crafted glass octopus as the centerpiece, complete with tentacles that wrap around the bong's body.

Despite its mini size, this bong is crafted from high borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and a safe smoking experience. 

Its compact design makes it perfect for carrying around without compromising on performance.

This heady glass bong doesn't just look great it functions impressively as well. 

A 12-slotted percolator works to create plenty of bubbles that help filter your smoke.

This octopus bong is ideal for those who appreciate novelty items, cool designs, and the practicality of a well-crafted smoking accessory.

It's a perfect gift for friends, a quirky addition to one's collection, or a fun way to add a touch of whimsy to any smoking session.

What is a Bong?

A bong — adapted from the Thai word “baung,” meaning a wooden or bamboo cylinder or pipe used for smoking — is a water pipe used for flowers. 

Whether made of glass, manufactured, or homemade, most modern bongs feature a universal shape, components, and process for smoking.

They differ from portable glass pipes (hand pipes) in that almost every water bong contains a tube, also known as the vessel or neck, which funnels the smoke into the user’s mouth. 

While tubes vary in style, they are generally straight, angled, or custom-shaped.

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How to Clean a Bong?

To avoid direct lip contact with unclean pipe water and to ensure that you are tasting the terpenes in your current pipe and not last night's used ash, keep your pipe clean.

Start by removing your bowl and rinsing off any ashes or large pieces of plant material. 

Since burning marijuana leaves a very sticky residue, hot water, and soap won't clean it off. 

You can use a glass cleaning solution or the classic combination of alcohol and salt to break down the resin. 

This is done by pouring some of the mixture into the bong, plugging the hole with your hand or a stopper, and shaking vigorously. 

You may also need to use a Q-tip or bong cleaner when soaking in hard-to-reach areas.

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How to Choose a Bong?

When choosing a bong, consider size, percolation, and cooling. 

These key features deliver smoother and cleaner smoke, which is important for handling a bong's concentrated burst of harsh smoke.

While breakable, glass bongs are longer-lasting than silicone, which tends to stain, so look for materials with staying power. 

Size matters here, too. 

Larger bongs with more water inside can offer smoother hits as there’s more water to filter the smoke, but are less portable and can sometimes be more challenging to clean and use. 

Features like percolators and additional chambers can also improve the experience when designed properly, as they affect how the smoke is cooled and filtered.

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The quest for the perfect water bong is a lot like online dating—full of swiping left and right until you find that one that makes your heart go "bong, bong!" 

While the first few bongs you encounter might not send your heart aflutter, keep scrolling. Patience, my friend. 

With the new bong, you will become the star of the show.