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8 Pros And Cons Of Vape Pens


8 Pros And Cons Of Vape Pens

8 Pros And Cons Of Vape Pens

Vape pens are one of the most popular ways to smoke marijuana extracts, but users should know the difference between smoking vaporized marijuana and smoking the cannabis plant.

There are many ways to consume cannabis, but vaping is the easiest and most convenient. These devices can be purchased at headshops and dispensaries and come in different shapes and sizes, some disposable, others requiring only a cartridge change and a quick charge. Understandably, they have become one of the most popular items in the cannabis industry, with sales rising significantly year on year. 

While vape pens aren't the most extreme form of consuming marijuana, they're a bit of a departure if you're used to smoking your cannabis in a joint, blunt pipe, or bong. 

Here are some of the most noticeable pros and cons of vape devices.


Portability and Discretion

If we don't include edibles, then vape pens are, perhaps, the most portable and discreet way to consume marijuana. Once you have one, you don't have to worry about where you put your pen or who's watching you while you vape. These devices typically emit a softer odor than joints and pipes and are hard to distinguish from e-cigarettes.


Easy consumption

One reason vape pens are so convenient is that you don't need anything else (other than the cannabis extract) to get high. You don't need any lighter, papers, or other paraphernalia, and there's no preparation time like rolling up joints or grinding up weed before loading it into a bowl. Just vape as you like at the push of a button. It really couldn't be simpler. 


Dosage Control

Another positive aspect of vape pens is that they make it easier to manage dosage than with bongs and dabs rigs. 

It's all too easy to get too high from a single potent hit when dabbing or smoking from a pipe. 

Vape cartridges and wax concentrates are labs tested and have accurate dosage information, so selecting the correct potency for your needs is straightforward. Even those new to vaping shouldn't get blazed from a single hit on a vape pen. So there are no worries of overdosing. 



This can be a pro or con depending on your inclination, but the flavor is definitely one of the factors that makes vape pens more attractive to a broader range of users. 

The flavor makes the vapor taste more palatable, especially if you are new to cannabis and don't like the aroma and weedy taste and smell that occur when combusting weed in a pipe or joint. Vape liquids with CBD and THC come in a variety of flavors. There are fruity, mint, soda flavors, and many more. 


There is a learning curve


Going from cannabis smoking to vaping takes some getting used to, as the latter tend to be much more potent. 

A 2018 study conducted by Johns Hopkins researchers analyzed two groups of subjects: one vaped concentrates, the other smoked the cannabis plant. Both groups received the same dose. The study found that subjects who smoked concentrated experienced more short-term anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, and distraction. 


Need to recharge

Unlike bongs, pipes, and dab rigs, vape pens must be recharged. If you charge your device regularly, this shouldn't be too much trouble, but if you lose your charger or forget and plan to vape on the trip, it can cause some annoyance. However, as most portable devices can be charged from a power bank, you can take steps to minimize this issue of running out of power. 



Vape pens, depending on their price and complexity, require some care. While disposable pens can be thrown away after the juice runs out, more expensive products require regular cleaning, protection against extreme weather, protective cases, and regular charging. But if you look after your vape pen, it should last a reasonable amount of time. 



One of the most significant factors when choosing how to consume your cannabis product is price. Vapes can range from $20 for disposable vapes to over $300 for all singing water filtered high-tech devices. Like with most things, you get what you pay for, and the build quality, features, and performance generally increase with the device's price. Well, up to a point, you will get diminishing returns on your investment and are paying more for brand name recognition and marketing than for substantial increases in the product's performance. 

It's worth taking note of any consumable parts, such as replacement coils, as these will add up over time. Likewise, if you buy a reusable vape, you need to consider the cost of concentrates you will use with it, be that 510 threaded prefilled cartridges or high-end terp sauce distillate. They are all extra costs that you should be aware of before making your purchase.  

If you opt for a disposable device, something around $20 to $30 is a reasonable price. If you're going on a reusable device, choose something around the $50 to $100 mark. You can always invest in a more expensive feature-rich device later if you enjoy the vaping experience.