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Lookah Apparel and Merchandise Make a Great 420 Gift

Lookah Apparel and Merchandise

Lookah Apparel and Merchandise Make a Great 420 Gift

Lookah Apparel and Merchandise

With 420 just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones who enjoy the 420 lifestyle.

Lookah has a range of fabulous merchandise and apparel for sale. We have everything from pens to hoodies. These make great gifts for that 420 friend who already seems to have all the smoking paraphanial and weed. 

T-Shirts and Hoddies

Lookah Hoodie

These branded T-shirts bring the Lookah glass design and flair to your wardrobe. You've got the best glass; now you can have the perfect matching T-shirt with our popular badge logo.

The Lookah Hoodie is made from a cotton polyester blend. It is soft to the touch and incredibly cozy. The perfect apparel for cold days, these hoodies come in a charcoal/graphic gray and have a skull and cannabis leaf design with the Lookah name across them. Keep yourself toastie and warm with a cool Lookah branded hoodie, or buy it as a gift for your 420 friends.

Wooly Hats and Baseball Caps

Lookah Basball Cap and Wooly Hat

No need to worry about the weather—Lookah has got you covered with our stylish branded hats. Keep your head and ears warm on cold winter days with our Wooly beanie hats, perfect for the ski slopes or enjoying fresh air. 

A baseball cap is a classic gift that never goes out of style. These caps are made with high-quality materials and are adjustable for a comfortable fit. They are perfect for keeping the sun out of your eyes during outdoor activities or adding style to any outfit. Show off your 420 credentials with these fabulous Lookah baseball hats

Mouse Mat and Pens

Lookah Mouse Mat and Pens

Get ready to spice up your desk with the LOOKAH mousepad - the ultimate accessory for all 420 enthusiasts. This eye-catching mousepad features a stunning design of a cannabis leaf and a skull smoking a cigar, all adorned with the iconic Lookah logo. With its vibrant colors and unique design, this mousepad will make a statement and impress all who see it. Let your love for Lookah and everything 420 shine with this awesome mousepad on your desk!

Are you looking for a writing tool that's not just functional but also stylish? Check out the stunning range of Lookah ballpoint pens! These pens are easy to use and give you a seamless writing experience, thanks to the ink distribution over a ball on the point. Unlike fountain pens, you don't have to worry about ink leaks or blotches on your paper. These pens are super lightweight, and their push-button design with a metal clip makes them easy to carry around and always at hand. If you ever run out of ink, replace the refill tube, and you're good to go!


LOOKAH Backpack in Cream and Gold

Are you looking for a backpack that is both stylish and practical? Look no further than the Lookah branded backpack! With its cream color, gold-colored zips, and embroidered cannabis leaf on the back, it will turn heads. But that's not all - this backpack is also incredibly functional. It has a carry strap on the top and twin adjustable shoulder straps, making it comfortable to wear no matter how much you need to carry. At a size of 25L, this backpack is perfect for daily use. It has six compartments, allowing you to organize all your gear so it is easily accessible throughout the day.

The large zip pocket on the back of the backpack has a divider and velcro strap, making it the perfect place to store your laptop or documents. You can keep your laptop, mouse, and power leads separate and easily accessible. The main compartment can hold a stack of textbooks, warm jackets, snacks, or an entire collection of Lookah vapes. There is also an inner zip pocket for other documents or your hidden stash. The two smaller outer pockets are perfect for items like pens, phones, herb grinders, and other similar items. The larger outer pocket even has a keyring loop, so you'll always know where your keys are and can get to them easily. The smaller zip pocket is suitable for little items like rolling papers, lighters, and similar accessories, and there is even a discreet zip pocket on the back of the backpack, perfect for hiding your stash or keeping important traveling documents or cash. The left shoulder strap (when worn) has a little zip pocket in which you can keep some cash, a small vape battery, or a lighter. The backpack also has two side pockets for water bottles or umbrellas. There is even a USB outlet on the side with an adjoining cable inside, so you can hide your power bank inside and keep your phone charged while it is in use. In summary, the Lookah branded backpack is the ultimate combination of style and practicality. With its multiple compartments and pockets, you can easily organize your gear.