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​How To Vape Cannabis The Right Way

How To Vape Cannabis

How To Vape Cannabis The Right Way

Vape Cannabis The Right Way

Smoking marijuana is still the most common way to enjoy it, but vaping is a better alternative to smoking it. 

Vaping weed doesn't create combustion, which avoids many of the problems associated with smoking, such as carcinogens from combustion.

Moreover, vapes are more effective. In a recent article published on our blog, we looked at one study that proved 

vaping marijuana gets you higher than smoking it

Another study from California showed that vaping weed could deliver 46 percent of the THC in a marijuana sample. In comparison, a joint only provides about 25 percent of THC. The rest is destroyed by heat and side-stream smoke. 

When vaping cannabis, you must heat the plant to release the terpenes and cannabinoids in the form of vapor. But you will need a few things to get started.

Quality cannabis: Extremely dry or damp herbs won't make for a great vaping experience. Make sure your cannabis is cured correctly and has a normal moisture content. 

Vaporizer: You need a vaporizer. Weed vapes range from small handheld devices to medical-grade devices placed on a desktop. 

Herb Grinder: Some convection vapes allow you to use whole buds, but it's best to use ground flowers for vaping, especially if you have a vaporizer that works by conduction. Grinding the marijuana will help increase the surface area, resulting in even heating and a better vaping experience. 

Accessories: Some evaporators come with cleaning accessories, such as brushes, pipe cleaners, cotton swabs, alcohol, and stirring tools.

Once you have collected the tools you need to load the vaporizer, follow these steps:

1. Charge or plug in the vape if required. 

2. Put your weed in the vaporizer chamber. 

3. Use your fingers or a tool to remove excess weed from the top so that the surface is relatively flat. Don't overfill the vape with too much weed. You want to allow the air to circulate and have good airflow. 

4. Turn on the device. A helpful rule of thumb is to set the device at around 356-410°F. But once you are comfortable using the device, choose your preferred temperature. 

5. When the weed starts to heat up, inhale.

Always take short, slow hits from the vape. 

Trying to take long, deep inhales can pull extra cold air into the heating chamber, reducing the temperature inside the device.

After vaping, open the vape to check for weed color. 

If what's left looks brown with a hint of green, it's already been fully vaped or Already Vaped Bud (AVB). You can use AVB in foods and recipes, such as hemp butter and brownies. 

Now you know the basics of vaping weed. 

However, the most popular first device people buy is the vape pen.


How to Use a vape pen

using a vape pen

A vape pen is a cylindrical tool roughly the same size as a standard ballpoint pen. The device usually comes with a battery attached to an oil cartridge that contains between 0.3 and 1 gram of cannabis concentrate or rosin.

While components vary depending on the model, the core components of most concentrate vapes are similar. They include:

Vape battery - The battery part of the vape is the power unit that heats the device and makes vaping possible. 

Some batteries will have a button to turn the device on and off and change voltage settings. 

Vape cartridges - The cartridges connect to the battery. 

It has a chamber that contains the vape substance and an atomizer coil. The power heats the atomizer from the battery turning the vape oil into a vapor. 

Mouthpiece - The mouthpiece allows the vapor from the heated oil to exit the cartridge as you inhale. 

Here's how to use it:

1. Turn on the vape pen. For most vapes, this means clicking the power button five times. 

2. Press and hold the power button to heat the atomizer. 

3. The atomizer will start heating the oil almost immediately. Inhale slowly and gently from the mouthpiece. Take small draws, as some vape pens can overheat if you inhale too hard.

Note that the temperature of the vape pen should not be high enough to burn the oil or herb. 

If the heating element in the vape pen becomes hot enough to burn the oil, try setting your device to a low heat setting to ensure that you are vaporizing the oil rather than burning it.

Vape pens are simple and convenient. It is best to store the vape upright to avoid accidental leakage from the cartridge. 

If you have difficulty with your vape pen, the cartridge it could be clogged. Check out this article for tips on how to resolve that. How do you know if your vape cart is empty?