Do dab rigs get you higher?How much for?



Using dab rigs is currently turning out to be very popular among cannabis enthusiasts.

Still, many people know something about the dab rig.

This article will give you a clear picture of the characteristics of the Wax Rig and help you differentiate between them."

What is a dab Rig?


First, in this article, we will explore what a dab rig is.

Wax rigs are specialized water pipes designed for vaporizing cannabis concentrates, which are typically produced through a solvent-based extraction technique that separates the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant, resulting in a potent, sticky substance with a high THC content. 

These rigs, a specialized category of water pipes crafted for the purpose of vaporizing cannabis wax concentrates, are commonly constructed from borosilicate glass, which is valued for its strength and ability to withstand high temperatures.

Advantages of dab

The most obvious benefit of a dab rig is that you are inhaling vapor rather than smoke, which is much better for your lungs.

 Because the concentration is so pure, using a dab rig has the added benefit of allowing you to inhale larger doses of the drug if desired.

Do dab rigs get you higher?

Dab rigs, when used with concentrated cannabis products, can indeed get you higher due to the higher THC content in the concentrates compared to traditional flowers. 

Waxes, a common type of concentrate used in dab rigs, have an approximate potency of 75 to 80 percent THC. 

This is significantly higher than the 20-25% THC found in regular cannabis flowers. 

Concentrates used in dab rigs can range from 70-99% THC, which means that even a small amount of concentrate can have a strong effect. 

There must be no doubt about which one will lead you to the top. 

However, the actual level of high experience can also depend on individual tolerance, the specific product used, and the method of consumption.

What to think of when buying a dab rig online?

If you’re buying a rig online, you’re going to want to look at 5 main things: the size of the mouthpiece, the material it’s made from, the joint size, whether or not it has water filtration and percolators, and the overall size of the rig. 

What to think of when buying a dab rig online?


Choose a dab rig that has a smaller mouthpiece. 

Dabbing doesn’t involve clearing the chamber.

Instead, the banger allows air to pass through constantly.

With that in mind, a small mouthpiece allows you to appreciate the flavor of your dabs without wasting them.


Dab rigs can be made from glass or silicone.

Silicon stays cool and typically lasts a long time, but it usually alters the flavor of your dabs a bit, doesn’t contain any percolators, and can be a bit more difficult to clean. 

Glass is always a good choice since they’re easy to clean, stands up to heat well, and contains water filtration and percolators. 

Out of all the glass rigs, borosilicate glass rigs are the sturdiest for all intents and purposes. 


Not all glass joints are the same size, so if you already have a good banger, you’ll want to buy a dab rig that will fit it. 

Typically they come in 10mm, 14mm, and 19mm sizes with a male or female joint. 

10mm joints are usually ideal for dab rigs because there’s more airflow restriction, which encourages the best flavors out of your dabs.

Female jointed bangers tend to get stuck to a male rig due to reclaim buildup, so people typically prefer to buy a female dab rig and a male banger in the 10mm size. 

Filtration and percs

If you’ve ever hit a bong without water in it, you know how much it sucks.

A dab rig should have at least one chamber for water.  

However, you don’t want to overdo it. Your dab rig doesn’t need a ton of percolators since there isn’t any combustion involved. 

Very little percolation is required for dabbing, but they do help cool off your dabs. 

With that said, choose something that has two to four percolator holes since they won’t bubble your water too much or increase the airflow volume. 


Dab rigs should be on the small, simple side. 

Larger water pipes mean more volume where your vapor can lose potency and dissipate from the amount of oxygen it has to travel through. 

The smaller the rig, the better the taste of your dabs.

How much for a dab rig?

dab rigs

The dab rigs are not ones that you have to empty your wallet to afford. 

The rigs are durable and smokable while not being too expensive.

When you take a rip from your dab rig, you don’t want to be thinking about how you got ripped off. 

The price of a dab rig ranges from 10 dollars to 600 dollars or more.

10 dollars will score you a starter rig made from silicone or basic glass that could break easily.  

Over 200 dollars will net you a "high-end" dab rig made from high-quality glass. 

Often, these are kitted out with add-ons like percolators and smoke diffusers for the best smoking experience possible. 

They usually have better designs and are made with expert craftsmanship.


With all of this valuable information we've shared, we hope you can enjoy an endless dab experience.

We encourage you to put this knowledge into practice, whether it's choosing the right types for your needs or learning how to properly clean and care for wax rigs, it's all key to ensuring your dab experience. 

Over time, you will find that these small efforts will translate into countless unforgettable dab moments of enjoyment as you continue to explore and discover the endless possibilities of wax concentrates.