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710 International Marijuana Day

710 day

What is 710?

710 Marijuana Day has become an important "anti-mainstream culture" festival in North America, where marijuana lovers gather to smoke marijuana and engage in various celebrations. Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, Capitol Hill and Major Park in Canada, Vancouver Art Museum and Boulder Campus of the University of Colorado have all become famous 420 meeting places.

Why is 710 different this year?

The answer is simple, because coronavirus. Affected by the epidemic, many marijuana activities and conferences have been postponed or rescheduled this year, and "710" is no exception. Therefore, this year's "710" has been changed from offline to online, and there is a new name "virtual celebration".

710 International Oil Day

1、Get Good At Weed

The last prisoner program and COVID-19 relief fund donation activities sponsored by miss grass. This is a vigorous health theme 710 marijuana activity, which starts with Chelsea coach and ends with Lola Longesta. Advocates will participate in the topic of sex, and Steve DeAngelo will teach you more about the judicial knowledge of marijuana industry together with other activists.

2、Digital Disco with Sassy Black Cat

Hosted by PAX, Heylo and Hashtag, this year's Virtual 710 provided a brand-new digital dance through the situation of electronic psychedelic music and live virtual marijuana use.

3、710 Convergence

This is a new activity composed of marijuana lovers from China, Japan and South Korea, focusing on health and psychedelic. It is also the first time in history that this activity is integrated with 710. There, you will experience the feeling of waking and psychedelic interaction and get much attention.

4、The Great American Sesh In

This is a welfare activity for COVID-19 first-aid personnel sponsored by direct relief, including activists Steve Deangolo and Maya Elizabeth who love marijuana deeply, as well as artistic and cultural celebrities from all walks of life. Let you experience different marijuana foods from pharmacies all over California without leaving home.

Online activities or new trends

Because of the impact of coronavirus epidemic, online activities have become a new situation that everyone has sought after. Take Canada as an example. Marketing experts in that country said that the increase in demand for cannabis during the COVID-19 pandemic means that Canadian cannabis enterprises need to adjust their online marketing and brand development strategies, and digital marketing is a new model.

Rebecca Brown, founder and CEO of Crowns Agency, a Toronto marijuana marketing and brand consulting agency, pointed out that for marijuana companies that have not implemented digital marketing and brand strategy, it is time to invest in paid media, which is a critical moment for big data in marijuana industry, and digital channels are now crucial.

Yes, the economic turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic does mean that some industries are cutting their marketing budgets, and instead, online marketing methods such as online advertising are gradually becoming "hot cakes".

In the future, perhaps more activities will go online, and more cloud activities may appear in large quantities. Imagine that when you sit at your home in Canada, you can attend the marijuana conference in new york, USA, or even interact in real time, would you still choose to go to the scene to participate?