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Windproof Globe Ashtray

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Description for Windproof Globe Ashtray

The tabletop windproof ashtray has an antique pattern. 
A floral pattern that features a stylized Orthodox church complete with brightly colored domes will light up any room with some old-fashioned charm. 

It has a windproof design due to the semi-closed lid, which ensures it keeps ash from being blown out by the wind, suitable for use outdoors and indoors.

This flip lid ashtray is made from a zinc alloy, so it's tough and durable, and the removable flip lid makes it's convenient to wash inside and out.  


Name: Globe Ashtray

Material: Zinc alloy

Weight: 385g

Size: 10.7*10.5*13CM


Packing List:



Windproof Globe Ashtray 01Windproof Globe Ashtray 02Windproof Globe Ashtray 03Windproof Globe Ashtray 04Windproof Globe Ashtray 05Windproof Globe Ashtray 06Windproof Globe Ashtray 010Windproof Globe Ashtray 09Windproof Globe Ashtray 011


Just what I wanted something pretty.
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