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Glass Pipe & Nectar Collector Travel Kit

Glass Pipe & Nectar Collector Travel Kit

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Description for Glass Pipe & Nectar Collector Travel Kit

This glass pipe and nectar collector comes in a silicone travel kit making the perfect travel accessory for wax or herb. 
The kit includes a silicon mouthpiece that can be fitted to a titanium nail for use as a nectar collector. Alternatively, switch out the nail for the glass pipe and smoke your herbs. 
With a cleaning tool, dab tool, and two storage chambers, one for wax and one for weed, you'll have all you need for sessions on the go. 
NOTE: The color is selected at random. 


Material: Silicone

Size: 2.6x1.57x2.87inch

Weight: 125g

Color: Random

Packing includes:

1*Silicone Container Kit


Silicone Container Travel Kit 1Silicone Container Travel Kit 2Silicone Container Travel Kit 3Silicone Container Travel Kit 4Silicone Container Travel Kit 5Silicone Container Travel Kit 6Silicone Container Travel Kit 7Silicone Container Travel Kit 8Silicone Container Travel Kit 9Silicone Container Travel Kit 10