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Retro Telescopic Cigarette Holder 3pcs

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Retro Telescopic Cigarette Holder 3pcs, Type: Women
Retro Telescopic Cigarette Holder 3pcs, Type: Men
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Description for Retro Telescopic Cigarette Holder 3pcs

This retro cigarette holder is telescopic, collapsing down to around 17cm or extending up to 35cm in length. These are a great way to improve your smoking experience and mean you won't suffer from yellow fingers as they keep smoke and nicotine stains at arm's length. These 1920s style cigarette holders also help prevent ash from falling onto your clothes. Traditionally men would wear a smoking jacket but women who didn't wear such jackets would use a long cigarette holder to prevent their gowns and attire from getting ash on them or burn marks. These long telescopic holders will also prevent you from inhaling tobacco or herb particles from unfiltered cigarettes or joints. If you have a roaring 20's theme party or long to recreate the elegance and glamour of Fitzgerald's Gatsby then this is an essential accompaniment for your outfit and will make you look the part of a stylish lady from the jazz age.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Contraction Length:About 17cm        

Extend Length:About 35cm

Weight: 11g

Color: Black Silver Gold


Package included:

3 x Cigarette Holder

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