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Portable Single Cigar Tube

Single Cigar Tube

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Description for Single Cigar Tube

These high-quality cigar tubes are a stylish vintage case for carrying and protecting a single cigar. At 18cm (7inches) long and 2.5cm (0.98inch) in diameter, they are the perfect way to safely pack away a single cigar and keep it in your jacket or breast pocket without worrying about it getting damaged. 

These electroplated cigar cases come in a gold, silver, mahogany, or carbon fiber style finish through electroplating. Made from copper, they are durable will not rust or fade.  They have rounded edges and are finished to a high quality with thickened inner walls, making them durable while still lightweight. 


Style: Retro

Process: Electroplating Process

Color: Gold, Silver, Mahogany, Carbon Fiber

Gold / Mahogany size : 18*2.5cm (7*0.98in)

Silver / Carbon Fiber size : 19*2.8cm (7.48*1.1in)

Material: High-quality copper


Package includes:

1 x Cigar Tube

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