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Multifunction Silicone Ashtray

Multifunction Silicone Ashtray

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Description for Multifunction Silicone Ashtray

This is the last ashtray you will ever need to buy. 

It is made of highly heat-resistant silicone and has different shaped grooves and slots to hold a variety of smoking paraphernalia. 

You can use one of them to hold your joint. In the large slot to store your rolling papers, there are areas for dab tools, bowls, bangers, and lighters too. 
The center of the ash try has a rigid pyramid which is used for knocking ash out of your bowls while being gentle enough that it won't scratch or damage them. 
Being made from silicone, it's even dishwasher safe, so cleaning it is a doddle. 


Color: random

Material: Silicone




Package included´╝Ü

1 x Silicone Ashtray


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