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Pikachu Herb Grinder

Pikachu Herb Grinder

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Description for Pikachu Herb Grinder

This Pikachu herb grinder adds some dragon ball novelty to your cannabis session. 

If you grew up and enjoyed the famous Dragonball cartoons this three-layer herb grinder will be a touch of nostalgia. 

Made from a zinc alloy with molded plastic shell this novelty grinder will grab the eye and be the envey of your friends. 

This cool herb grinder features a fun design, serving as both a weed grinder and a stress-relieving toy, blending functionality with playfulness for a unique user experience.


Material: Zinc Alloy + Plastic

Size: 59*60mm

Weight: 96g

Layer: 3 Layers

Package List:

1 x Herb Grinder

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