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Weed Grinders

Weed grinders as known Herb grinders are an essential accessory for any frequent smoker of dry herb. 

Whether packing a bowl on a Lookah bong, loading a spoon pipe, or rolling up, having a consistent grind enhances your smoking experience. 

If you're tearing herbs apart by hand or using scissors, the resinous parts of the plant will stick to your hands. Not only does that make a mess, but it will also reduce your weed's potency. You're also liable to lose bits of weed as it pings out of the scissors or gets dropped down the side of the sofa. 

If you use a grinder, every part of the herb is kept inside the chamber. So there is no waste, and many grinders have a sieve so the keif can be collected separately. 

Why Use a Herb Grinder?

Many people won't bother with a herb grinder when they start smoking dry herb. But if you smoke frequently, grinders make life so much easier. The time saved alone is worth the investment. Using a grinder for weed means you can do in seconds what would take several minutes to do by hand. 

Grinders separate the herb to a standard size, which allows for better-packed bowls and rolled smokes with an even airflow. 

With each granule of herb the same size, each gets burnt at the same rate, so you don't lose potency and have smoother smoke. 

How Do Weed Grinders Work?

Most weed grinders are made from steel and have multiple pieces that connect to create a grinding chamber and a secondary chamber for storage. 

The grinding space consists of opposing teeth that fit together in a mesh. 

The herb's nugs are placed here, and when the two sides are rotated, the teeth slice through the herb. 

A number of holes between the teeth allow the ground-up herb to be collected into the storage chamber. 

Different Types Of Grinders

The most common style of grinder is the multi-piece grinder. 

The simpler ones are three-layer grinders as they are composed of three pieces. Some grinders have a fourth layer with a fine screen to keep the powered kief separate from the ground herbs. Each layer connects together into one compact grinder that can both grind and store your bud. 

The most basic grinder is a two-piece grinder. It doesn't have a separate storage compartment. It just allows you to shred your weed efficiently. The advantage of a 2 piece grinder is its small compact shame, which easily slides into your pocket. 

Most grinders are used manually by twisting them, but some have a handle that makes grinding easier and may be preferred if grinding larger amounts of herb. 

There are automated grinders as well, which run electronically. These operate at the press of a button. Several of these electric grinders allow for the automatic filling and storage of cones. 

These are larger pieces, but if you want to roll many joints for a group of smoking friends or a party, they make it a quick and effortless task. 

How to Choose the Best Weed Grinder

If you want a simple grinder that does the job and nothing more, pick up a 2 piece grinder. These are the OG of grinders and are very affordable. 

Level up a layer and get a multi-piece grinder. These grinders have extra storage for your weed. 

The next level of grinder is the 4-layer grinder. These have a mesh screen to help separate your kief from the ground herb. 

The next level up from manual grinders is electric grinders. These are all singing, all dancing gizmos that can shred your weed at the touch of a button. Electric grinders are great if you want a sturdy device for use at home, they are also a lifesaver for those with dexterity difficulties who maybe can't easily use a manual grinder. 

Material: When buying a weed grinder, you want something that will last. Weed grinders can be made of many materials; wood, plastic, and metal are the most popular options. 

Wooden grinders have a nice natural aesthetic feel to them. 

Plastic grinders are lightweight and also relatively cheap. 

Metal grinders may cost a little more, but they are easier to clean and should last a long time. 

However, a grinder is more than just a fancy container for your weed. The most important part of any grinder is the teeth. 

Many will have diamond-shaped metal teeth that are efficient for slicing your weed rather than crushing your pot. These razor-sharp teeth are important for slicing and dicing the bulkiest of nuggets. 

Wide teeth will also allow your grinder to fluff the weed while grinding it rather than crushing the weed. 

Size:  The larger your grinder is, the more weed you can load and grind at any time. Grinders typically start around 60mm or 2.5 inches.

Style: Grinders come in many styles, from star wars themed grinders to novelty watch grinders.  

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