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V12 Mini Glass Blunt Pipe

Mini Glass Blunt Pipe

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Description for Mini Glass Blunt Pipe

This Glass blunt is the simplest way to enjoy a smoke. Put the cap over one end of the pipe tube and then pack it with your favorite strain. After then, twist in the screw and mouthpiece end. 

The mouthpiece of this twisty glass blunt is round and transparent, if you prefer round month piece,don’t miss it.The mouthpiece has a filter, so all you inhale is pure smoke. It really is that simple. As the heb burns down, twist the screw to tap out the ash. 

These are quicker and easier to use than cones and will preserve your herbs for longer. You can even tap out the cherry and save part of your blunt for later. 

The glass and silicon cap keep it nice and fresh. 

Material: Metal & Glass

Size: 86x17mm

Weight: 32g


Package includes:

1 X Twisty Blunt Pipe

1 X Cleaning Tool

1 X O Ring

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