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Trapezoidal Design Smoking Pipe 2Pcs

Trapezoidal Smoking Pipe

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Description for Trapezoidal Smoking Pipe

Check out this stylish aluminum alloy pipe! Its unique trapezoidal-shaped body, along with a removable metal bowl, plastic stem, and metal mouthpiece, make it a standout choice. The pipe conveniently unscrews into four parts for effortless cleaning. Weighing in at under 20 grams, this lightweight pipe is the perfect on-the-go companion as it easily slips into your pocket or bag. The clever angle of the stem and mouthpiece to the bowl makes smoking a breeze, giving you a clear view of the bowl as you enjoy your session. With a nicely sized bowl, it's ideal for packing a few hits, whether you want to share the experience or savor it solo.


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 61mm

Weight: 17g

Color: Random


Package Include:

2 x Smoking Pipe

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