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One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder

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Description for One Hitter Dugout With Mini Grinder

Dugouts and one-hitter pipes are the easiest way to smoke on the go. This ergonomic pocket-sized container has a chamber with a built-in grinder to shred and hold your weed. The one-hit pipe or bat slots in its own compartment to the side. Just take it out, plug a small hit of weed in the pipe by pressing it into your ground herb, then take a discreet hit. 

If you want to get high and travel around with your herb, this dugout is the easiest and cost-effective way to smoke. 
Made from metal, it is tough and durable, so it is a great investment that is sure to get a lot of use and last a long time. 


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Color: Black, Gold, Red, Purple, Green, Blue

Size: 3.15x1.77x0.71inch

Weight: 135g

Package includes:

1x One Hitter Dugout



I bought 3 total. 2 as gifts that I liked so bought myself one. Ask a 48 year long smoker, I was excited at the new an improved metal from wood box an grinder attached because I like to hit here and there through my day. It's hard to pocket cuz the magnets not strong enough to hold the grinder lid on. And the tube plugs with no poker to clear it. Few design tweaks an ya got a great product from an okay one.
I hadn't seen a dugout with grinder before. I got 1 for a grad gift, then 1 for me and 1 to set to the side for ppl who never seem to have their own piece, lol.
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