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Genius Smoking Pipe

Genius Smoking Pipe Metal

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Description for Genius Smoking Pipe Metal

The Genius smoking pipe is sure to impress with its smart design and cool function. The pipe is slim and functions like a dream. The pipe consists of two halves that are held in place by strong magnets. 
Between the two halves is a dimpled interior that helps cool and filters the smoke as it works its way through the air passage. This unique design provides ultimate filtration by creating micro-vortices the smoke passes through. Also, the dimpled surface traps any particles and ash that may make their way out of the bowl. This helps filter out tar and any particular matter, so you're left with smooth, clean smoke. 

There is a bowl cover that slides in place so you can pack a bowl, then slide over the cover and save it for later. You can take smaller hits by sliding the screen up partway, so only a portion of the bowl is uncovered. This makes cornering and sharing a bowl easy. 

When it comes to cleaning the pipe, you can separate it into three pieces and wash them out with warm water or alcohol cleaner. 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use pipe that preserves flavor and aroma, cools and filters your smoke, and fits easily in your pocket then the genius pipe is an ideal sidekick and great for smoking on the go. 


Material: Metal

Size: 1.5x5.98inch

Weight: 140g


Package Include:

1*Smoking Pipe


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