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Bullet Smoking Pipe 2PCS

Bullet Smoking Pipe 2PCS

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Description for Bullet Smoking Pipe 2PCS

This bullet smoking pipe is a mini novelty pipe that still packs a punch. The base of the bullet is removed and screwed back on to form the bowl, while the tip makes the mouthpiece. 
This fun novelty pipe works really well and looks like a discreet trinket rather than a smoking pipe. This cool mini pipe is super easy to use, lightweight, and being made from aluminum, it is very durable. 
It is bound to catch your friend's eye as a cool novelty pipe and would make a great gift for any cannabis smokers who enjoy their 2nd amendment rights. 


Material: Aluminum Alloy

Size: 78x14mm

Weight: 22g

Color: Gold


Package Include:

2 x Smoking Pipe