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Glass Pipes & Hand Pipes

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Weed Pipes

A weed pipe, also known as a marijuana pipe or cannabis pipe, is a simple and tradition device used for smoking marijuana. It typically consists of a bowl where the marijuana is placed,it has a chamber to hold the smoke, and a mouthpiece for inhaling.

There is a small bowl in weed pipe,many stoners also call it weed bowl, it come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, such as glass, metal, or wood. People use weed pipe to smoke cannabis by lighting the marijuana in the bowl and inhaling the smoke that is produced.if the weed using glass or transparent material,you can see the smoke processing and transporting to your is really a nice smoke experience.

Features of weed pipes.

Affordable price: You will find weed pipes are the cheapest device to consume herbs,the normal price range from $15.99 to $29.99,every stoner can afford it and enjoy what the weed pipe bring to you.

Portable: All weed hand pipes are compact with small size,most of them less than 15cm,it is very convenient to take in your pocket or bag on the go,you can use it anytime you need.

Easy to use:it is easy to use the weed bowl, you can just grind your herb and add it to the bowl, and then light it,you even can get the thick smoke at the same time,never do complicated preparing, long time preparing will reduce your dabbing interest.

Easy to clean:

You will find our weed smoking pipe has a straight airflow, cleaning is being considered when they were designed.a small brush can deal with it. 

Glass Hand Pipes

Glass smoking pipes are the definitive handheld solution to smoking on the go. These old-school "weed pipes" come in various designs, from simplistic cheap glass pipes like steamroller pipes & chillums to unique spoons, sherlock pipes,twisty blunt, heady cool pipes, and hammer bubblers.

Most ancient cultures had some type of smoking pipe for social and sometimes spiritual meanings. Nowadays, we have a massive range of smoking options to choose from for smoking on the go, but pipes remain a firm favorite.

Lookah has some of the best glass hand pipes for sale online. While famous as pot pipes, these glass smoking bowls are for smoking tobacco or other legal substances. Unless you want to get a bubbler pipe, these glass hand pipes offer a dryer hit than you'd get with a bong or water pipe but are much easier to use on the go, are more affordable, and look super cool.  

Glass Spoon Pipes

Glass spoons are the classic handheld pipes you think of when you hear "hand pipe." 

These cool glass pipes have four main parts: a mouthpiece, a bowl, a neck, and a carb. 

The bowl is in the spoon-shaped dish end of the pipe. This is where you put the dry herb. 
The carb is on the bowl's end or side and allows airflow control. This lets you decide how strong your hits are and gives you control to adjust the hits. The neck is the tube part that connects the bowl to the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is the end at which you inhale the smoke. 


Chillums, often called one-hitters, are the simplest of hand pipes. They can be made from any material, wood, metal, ceramic, or glass. As the name suggests, these are straight pipes that can provide a single hit. They are perfect for a quick hit at a party and easy to conceal or store in your pocket or bag, which makes them extremely popular. 

Some types of chillums come complete with a box (often made from wood) that can have two little compartments. This is known as a dugout. It has one compartment to store your dry herb in, the other for the pipe. The pipe can be slid out from the case and then pushed into the compartment with your ground herb; this packs the chillum ready for a hit. It's the ideal stealthy kit for the discreet smoker. 

Glycerine Pipes

The glycerine pipe selection allows for further cooling as these oil-filled pipes are made from tough borosilicate glass, the same sort of glass you'd get in a Pyrex cooking dish, so they are better suited to heat changes. 

The oil in these hand pipes has a lower freezing temperature, so it can be chilled in a freezer for an hour while without freezing. Once chilled, you can pack the bowl and enjoy much cooler smoke than you'd get from cheap glass pipes. 


Tips for Smoking from a Glycerine Pipe  

Make sure the glass is clean and dry before putting it into the freezer. 

Lay it flat in the freezer to prevent it from being knocked over or damaged. 

Don't keep it in the freezer for extended periods. 

Use a standard lighter when smoking from a glycerine pipe. If you use a butane torch, it can overheat the pipe leading to thermal shock, which can crack and break your pipe. 

Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes are named after the famous detective character created by Conan Doyle.
Along with the deerstalker cap, Sherlock Homes is most associated with a gourd Calabash pipe. This pipe has a deep bend and a large bowl. Features that are prominent in all Sherlock pipes whether they be made from wood, glass, or any other materials. 
These hand pipes feature a larger bowl and a long arching stem, usually with a deep bend between the bowl and the stem.
Many of these designs include a third hole, called the carb, for cleaning and airflow control. 

The smoke from a Sherlock pipe is dry-filtered. The ash is heavier than air and smoke so it will hit the side or the bend in the glass and stick inside the pipe rather than being drawn through to the mouthpiece.

Pros: The longer stem with its deep bend helps filter ash from the smoke before it reaches your mouth.
The long shape keeps the burning plant material away from your face and allows it more time to cool. They will often feature a carb hole for better hits/easier cleaning.

Cons: The longer neck means the piece will be more breakable if it is made from glass or other fragile materials. It is not as compact and portable as a spoon or a chillum/one-hitter.

Gandalf Pipes

These Gandalf pipes get their name from their association with Gandalf the Gray, who smoked a long-stemmed pipe in the LOTR films. 
The arched stem on a Gandalf pipe is not as bent as on a Sherlock pipe. The stem on these pipes is typically 12 or 16 inches. This means your smoke gets a lot of cooling time between the bowl and the mouthpiece. Another advantage of the long stem is that ash is generally stopped before it reaches the mouthpiece. 
While you can enjoy these outdoors, they are not as discreet or easy to carry as other smaller pipes, and if made from glass, the stems can be quite delicate where the glass has been stretched. They are, therefore, better suited to smoking at home rather than walking around the shire. 

Twisty Glass Blunt

A glass blunt is an easy-to-use smoking tool for herb consumption. It typically features a screw to push out the ash, allowing you to keep smoking without interruption. We offer a variety of glass blunts for you to choose from, so you can find the best one to suit your style perfectly.

The twisty glass blunt eliminates the need for complex rolling joints, making the smoking experience simpler and more convenient.

How to Smoke out of a Glass Pipe

Use a grinder to break up the herb you want to smoke in the bowl.

Once ground, add the dry herb to the bowl. Don't fill or pack the bowl too much, as this can restrict the airflow. Many people like to use a metal gauze screen in the base of the bowl. This prevents inhaling any small particles of herb. 

Most pipes have a carb hole on the side. This hole lets you control the flow of air to the herb, so you can regulate the burn rate by opening and plugging the hole with your finger or thumb. 

Light the bowl with a standard lighter or a hemp wick. Don't use a butane torch as this can rapidly heat up the glass bowl, and the higher temperature may well burn your hand. 

To "hit" the bowl, take a deep, steady breath inhaling the smoke. It is not necessary to hold in the weed for a long time after you inhale. 

How to clean a smoking pipe

You should maintain and regularly clean your smoking pipe to ensure a better taste and smoking experience. Some pipes, such as briar pipes, can be cleaned with pipe cleaners. 
The stem and bowl can be cleaned with pipe cleaners and Q-tips to scrape out the resin and ash. 

If your pipe comes apart, remove the stem, blow, and mouthpiece to clean the parts better. 
Glass smoking pipes and parts can be cleaned by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol and then drying them with a paper towel. 

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