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14MM Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl

14MM Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl

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Description for 14MM Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl

This bong bowl pack includes two 14MM bong bowls made from aluminum alloy.
The tough bong bowls make a suitable replacement for a broken or misplaced bowl to fit a 14mm female joint bong.
The metal bong bowls have a pull handle on the side, making them easy to remove without burning your hand and stopping them from rolling off the table if laid down on their side.

At 1.97 inches, these compact bong bowls are great for packing single hits and will fit most medium and small-sized bongs. 

Specification :

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Length: 1.97 inches

Pipe Joint: 14mm male

Weight: 19g

Color: Random

Package Contents:

2 x Bong Bowl


Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl  1Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl 2Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl 3Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl 4Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl  5Aluminum Alloy Bong Bowl 6