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Bong Bowl Piece

Bong Bowls

Bong bowls, also called bong slides, are the pieces of your bong for smoking herb. These are the essential parts that fit in or onto the downstem of your bong. The herb bowls are typically made from high-quality glass but can also be made from titanium or other metals. They come in a range of different shapes, sizes, and colors. 

There are three main sizes for bong bowls: 10mm bowls, 14mm bowls, and 18mm bowls.

You must get the correct size boing slide for your water pipe, or it will not fit the downstem. 

As well as knowing the joint size of your water pipe, you also need to know the gender of your water pipe. 

Water pipes can have a male or a female joint. Female joints are the most common ones, and these need male bowls where the stem on the bowl slides inside the female joint of the bong. 

It is important to know what size and gender herb bowl you need for your water pipe to ensure you have a compatible bong. 

Bowl pieces have different shapes and depths, accommodating different amounts of herb. Larger and deeper bowls are great for smoking sessions and sharing with friends and can hold enough herbs for multiple hits so smokers don't have to replace them multiple times. Smaller bowls are great when smoking alone; you can finish the bowl in one or two hits. 

Check out our extensive collection of bong bowls if you're looking for a stylish bowl to take your water pipe and smoking experience to the next level. 

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