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Silicone Bong Mouthpiece 2pcs

Silicone Bong Mouthpiece 2 Pieces

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Description for Silicone Bong Mouthpiece 2 Pieces

These silicone bong mouthpieces let you take a hit of just about any pipe without getting any cooties. 
Great for parties and festivals, these silicone mouthpieces with tapered ends fit just about any bong or dab rig. Complete with lanyard eyelet and coming in distinctive bright colors, there won't be any mix-ups or misplacing them. 
Now you can share a pipe without sharing any germs. 


Material: Food-grade silicone

Dimensions: 80.6 x 42.3 mm

Weight: 40g

Color: Will be shipped at random. Or can select the color, please remark which color you desire in the customer comments on the checkout page when you place the order.


Package includes:

2 x Silicone Bong MouthPiece

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