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Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ

Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ - 2x Atomizers + 4 x Quartz Dish

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Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ
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Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil ⅡLookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ — 1Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ — 2Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ  4

Description for Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ - 2x Atomizers + 4 x Quartz Dish

Unicorn replacement coils. This pack consists of Two (2) atomizer bases and four replacement (4) quartz dishes. These are for use with the Lookah Unicorn e-rig. 
The atomizers come complete with a quartz dish. There are also four (4) additional dishes so this pack will last you through hundreds of dabs.
The atomizer base screwes into the atomizer slot on the Unicorn e-rig. The interchangeable quartz dish sits on a pancake coil in the bottom of the atomizer base. This coil evenly heats the dish for even vaporization of your concentrates. The best results are achieved when using the auto/preheat function of the Unicorn electric dab rig. 

Remove the magnetic top of the rig.
Place in a small about of your favorite cannabis concentrate
Replace the magnetic top
Press the button five (5) times to turn the Unicorn on
Select your temperature
Then press the button three (3) times to start the auto heat function. 

The Unicorn light will flash, and it will vibrate when the set temperature has been reached. Then you're ready to enjoy full-flavored big rips from this fantastic e-rig. 

Package content  
2 x Atomizers With Dish
4 x Extra Quartz Dish


Great that replacement cups are available, great fast service from Lookah, but the choice of DHL as their shipping company is subpar, DHL sits on the pkgs for far too long!
Great customer service gets a 5 star just for that products are good too
They are great coils, get them! THEY DO NOT FIT IN THE UNICORN MINI DO NOT MAKE THE MISTAKE I DID. Bought the mini & these coils to find out they didn’t fit… was mostly excited about the coils more than the device so I had to then get a normal Unicorn at $150 for the house & keep the mini for on the go. If you aren’t trying to spend that money then be aware of what unicorn you’re using & understand these will only fit in the big unicorn device.
Works as advertised find product
The Lookah Unicorn Quartz Coil Ⅱ makes all the difference in the taste and consumption of your favorite Concentrates.

This is an excellent and necessary add on for the Lookah Unicorn.

Usage and Best Practices of This Coil:

First insert a clean Quarts Bowl in the coil an then screw the coil into the base of the Unicorn.

Then with the top of the Unicorn remaining off, get ready a portion of your Concentrate.

Next, heat up the Unicorn on the highest heat setting (White Circle), let it go through the complete cycle.

When the high heat cycle light shuts off, immediately change the heat setting to low (Blue Circle) and then run the heat cycle on low.

Quickly insert (Melt) the concentrate into the quartz bowl and replace the top.

Now you will be able to slowly draw the vapor in and taste the concentrate as you exhale.

I repeat the low heat cycle a few times, one right after another (3-4 times) until I'm done or the vapor is diminished.

Replace Quartz bowl and repeat as necessary.
The replaceable quarts dishes completely changes the sesh experience for the better!
Best practices:
with the top water
These work well!!!
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