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Description for LOOKAH Dragon Egg electric dabbing rigs

The Best Electric Dab Rig Under $100

The LOOKAH Dragon Egg is a dab e-rig, with a unique design, portable size, stylish appearance, powerful functions, easy cleaning, and suitable price, making it stand out from other electric dab rigs.

As a new type of electric dabbing rig, Dragon Egg is undoubtedly the most unique and innovative e rigs for dabs after puffco peak. These are the only two electronic dab rigs on the market that have the potential to reach millions of sales.

LOOKAH Dragon Egg portable dab e-rigs are the next-level electric rig for dabs

Different bubbler

Dragon Egg has the rig bubbler at the bottom, this sets it apart from other products on the market which have the bubbler at the top. This genius idea not only makes it look more personal, but more importantly, is brings many advantages:

1-It makes the product compact and portable, making it easy to take on the go. It measures just 3.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, making it small enough to fit in your pocket or purse.

2-It makes the water far enough away from the tip. It can hold more water without water entering your mouth. This is a big problem with other e rigs and it dramatically affects comfort, even though their bubblers are bigger, you can only fill a small amount of water because of splash back.

3-It allows the coils to be opened independently, so you don't have to take off the bulky bubbler every time and risk breaking it.

4-It makes the airway straight, which not only makes the airflow smoother but also reduces the waste of wax and makes cleaning easier. If you've ever cleaned an enail dab rig with a tortuous airway you know how important ease of cleaning is, it was a nightmare.

Unique Shape

The most distinctive feature of the LOOKAH Dragon Egg dab E rig is its unique shape. As the name suggests, it is designed to resemble a dragon egg, with a rounded body and a Cool skeleton stem. This not only makes it visually appealing but also adds to its portability as it can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

Another purpose of designing the stem into a skeleton shape is to allow the device to stand up when the water cup is removed. To solve the problems of use and aesthetics at the same time, it took me several months to finally find an exciting solution for the skeleton. This is also the reason why the last product was named Dragon Egg. I swear, I like this name so much and hope you do too.

It was not my original intention to use a non-glass material for the skeleton. You know LOOKAH is good at making glass products. This is because I found that when installing it, the glass skeleton is very easy to break, which can easily scratch the user's hands. In the end, I had no choice but to use other materials. But please rest assured, the materials we use are very safe.

Special Wax Quartz Coils

One of the most important components of any vape device is its coils. LOOKAH Dragon Egg is equipped with replaceable #C of the 710 series of quartz coils. These coils are specially developed and designed for wax, integrating LOOKAH 's highest technology.

710-C is a specially designed coil for products that vapor downwards. Its airway is located on one side of the coil, separate from the heating area. Compared with other cores whose airways are in the heating area, this can save more wax, because the airflow will not take away wax that is not completely atomized.

The body of 710-C is made of Nanoceramics, and its bottom heating area uses LOOKAH black technology "porous quartz". This material has many advantages:

1-This kind of quartz hole material can absorb wax better than dense quartz and stably transfer the liquefied wax to the heating wire, getting a very good taste while producing large vapour.

2—It heats up quickly, you don’t have to wait or preheat, and it’s more convenient and easier to use. This also means the product consumes less power and will not be particularly hot during use, making it greener, energy-saving, and safe.

3- The airway can be made inside the coil. There is no need to make the airway outside the coil like other products, which leads to tortuosity of the airway, large pollution area, waste of wax, and difficulty in cleaning. Ours is smoother, more wax-efficient, and requires little to no cleanup.

4-Although the technical difficulty is much higher than that of conventional quartz and ceramics, the cost is lower, making the replacement coils cost less. It is worth mentioning that we sinter the "porous quartz" at the bottom with the " Nanoceramics " at the body, which is a more complex technology. So, you know, LOOKAH is not only a design company, a brand company, but also a technology company.

5-It should be noted that compared with "porous ceramics" or other porous materials, "porous quartz" will not shed powder, will not deteriorate, and is very safe for your health.

 In general, the "porous quartz" material is the best technical solution we have found so far for wax atomization.

Coils are consumables, Dragon Egg comes with two replaceable coils, if one breaks you can use the other. If both are broken, that means it's time to go back to www.lookah.com. Come back quickly, don't hesitate at all, there is someone always waiting to help. (Dragon Egg can be adapted to LOOKAH 's other four 710 wax coils, which provides consumers with more choices.)

Visual Display

The LOOKAH Dragon Egg has a digital display screen that shows the voltage setting, battery level, and fault prompts, which is very user-friendly.

Temperature Control

The LOOKAH Dragon Egg also offers temperature control, allowing you to customize your vaping experience. It has three temperature settings, low, medium, and high, which can be easily adjusted with the press of a button. This feature is especially useful for those who prefer different temperatures for different materials.

Special Spatter Edition

The Dragon Egg Erig Vaporizer is now available in a special spatter edition. This uses the same bold colors but adds and awesome spattered droplets effect as though they have been splashed with oil or water and give a new look to these awesome erigs. 

Other Features

Magnetic Carb Cap: convenient and practical

High-end glass mouthpiece: Hygienic and clean, the curved arc makes it more comfortable to use, giving it a pipe-level enjoyment.

Ambient light: When used, the ambient light will illuminate the glass tip and water, making it cooler.

top-c charging port: fast charging and easier to find the charging cable.

Water cup with legs: Make it look more unique. It is connected to the main body with threads, so you don't have to worry about it falling off. It's made of non-glass material, so you don't have to worry about it breaking, which is very important for a small, portable product.

Super battery life: Despite its small size, it still packs a powerful punch with its 1900mAh battery, which you can use for a week without charging.

Perfect protection and reminder

Coil short circuit/open circuit protection and reminder.

Low battery reminder and protection

Equipment high-temperature protection and reminder

Charging protection

Lithium battery protection

Easy to Use

Despite its advanced features, the LOOKAH Dragon Egg electric dab rig is incredibly easy to use. It has a one-button operation, making it simple for beginners to use. It also has a five-click safety feature, which prevents accidental activation and helps conserve battery life.

Final Thoughts

Its compact design, replaceable wax quartz coils, temperature control, and ease of use make it a top choice for electric dabber. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced vaper, the LOOKAH Dragon Egg is worth considering for your next electric bong. 

NOTE:- Do not clean the plastic chamber or percolator of the Dragon Egg with alcohol. This can damage the plastic, clean the chamber and percolator with warm soapy water. 

How to Use the Dragon Egg E-Rig

  1. Unscrew the percolator chamber and fill it about 1/3rd full with water. 
  2. Screw the chamber back in place.
  3. Open the magnetic flip cap, and with a dab tool, place a small amount of wax into the center of the atomizer coil on the square quartz heating plate. 
  4. Close the flip cap.
  5. Press the power button 5 times within 2 seconds to turn on the Dragon Egg. The device will vibrate.
  6. The device will enter a preheat mode, and the display will show a countdown from 9 to 0 as the preheat is active. While in preheat mode, the light will flash between green, blue, and white. 
  7. After the preheat has finished, the light will flash 2 times, and the device will vibrate. 
  8. Press the power button 2 times to select the voltage mode. The device will vibrate, and the light will flash according to the voltage mode, which will also show on the display screen.
  9. Press and hold the power button for up to 30 seconds to heat the atomizer and vaporize the wax. After 30 seconds of use, the light will flash, the device will vibrate, and it will enter standby.
  10. As the device is heating the atomizer, you can inhale from the glass straw mouthpiece of the vape. As required, you can adjust the airflow by covering the carb on the flip cap. 

Be sure to wipe around the atomizer to remove any excess wax after use. This will keep the coils clean and improve the dabbing experience.

To preserve battery life, please turn the device off after you have finished using it. 

Three Voltage Modes

To change the voltage, press the button twice, allowing the device to vary the temperature from 350 to 450F.  

Voltage modes

Mode 1, 3.2V Green

Mode 2, 3.6V Blue

Mode 3, 4.0V White

NOTE:- Do not clean the plastic chamber or percolator of the Dragon Egg with alcohol. This can damage the plastic, clean the chamber and percolator with warm soapy water. 

How to clean the Dragon Egg electric dab rig

Package Content
1 x Dragon Egg
2 x 710 Thread Coils
1 x User Manual


I love this device. particularly becaues it seems to stay contained so i can use it indoors and not worry about stinking up the place as much as other devices have. Only complaint is the indicator light. In a dark room it is pretty cool. But in daylight it is nearly impossible to see if it is on. also i'd like a dry herb atomizer for it.
Hands down best E-rig I've used, only one I own and I intend to keep it that way.
Works best with C coils in my opinion, less chance of clogs
Pros: Big rips, big clouds.
definitely delivers a plentiful, flavorful dose, and the battery lasts for plenty of sessions so you won't be charging it halfway through the day or have it die mid-sesh (I keep mine on the highest setting for reference)
Cons: portability isn't a strong suit, not impossible just more steps than you'd like really.
When it does clog, if you let it, it is CLOGGED, rarely happens if you clean your stuff regularly though.

Overall, my gripes are very situational. This is a solid E-rig to snag if you don't like torching bangers or simply want something new!
I’m floating on cloud 9
Was very fast in delivery and my son in law was ecstatic to receive since his last egg was stolen. Thank you for a great product.
I love love love my dragon egg! So smooth! I especially like how it colorfully lights up during preheat!
The best way to smoke dabs! This is my second one! The first one the 710 broke and couldn't get it out so I didn't hesitate to order a second one! Thank you for your great product!
It is amazing how it heats up the product so that you get the full complete gentle hit of a live roson. It allows you to taste and experience the nuances of live product to the fullest by not over cooking it, and the technology insures that it is a super super smooth hit.
The best dap rig! I absolutely love it!
Hands down, the BEST lookah product to date. GIVES AMAZING RIPS! You can control your hit perfectly and the flavor is incredible. Wish it was easier to clean, since you can't use rubbing alcohol to clean it, it can rather nasty. 10/10
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Dragon Egg User Manual (DragonEgg_User_Manual.pdf, 3,687 Kb) [Download]