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Lookah Cleaning Brush

Lookah Cleaning Brush

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Description for Lookah Cleaning Brush

Lookah vape cleaning brush. Pack of 5 brushes. 
For use with all the Lookah Seahorse vapes, the Unicorn and Unicorn Mini, and Q7.
**Don't use the cleaning brush to clean the inside of the Lookah Seahorse coils, as this can damage them.**

This airway vape brush is long enough to clean the airways of any of the Lookah wax vapes.  
The 85mm long wire brush has 45mm covered in stiff bristles. At approximately 5mm wide, it will help clean the vapes and accessories. It is made from twisted wire that holds a tight spiral of nylon bristles. Use the brush with some isopropyl when cleaning vape devices for best results. 


I love my seahorse pro!
It's a brush...
These work great, use alcohol with them and cleaning is super easy!
great product, performs well -will definitely reorder :)
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