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Best Electric Dab Rigs

The electric dab rig isn't just a product—it's an experience. It's about embracing the future of dabbing with a device that offers unparalleled control, convenience, and reliability. Don't settle for less; elevate your dabbing sessions and join the revolution with our premium electric dab rig. Whether you're a seasoned dabber or new to the scene, our electric dab rig is the upgrade you deserve. Immerse yourself in the full, potent flavors and aromas of your concentrates, and take your dabbing to new heights. Shop now and transform your dabbing experience forever.

Electric Dab Rigs 

Electronic dab rigs, called E-rigs or Dab E rigs, are among the newest wax vaporizers. These devices use electricity to heat and vaporize wax, oil, and other legal concentrates in atomizers rather than the traditional dab method with a butane torch and oil rig. 

These devices combine a traditional dab rig with a wax vaporizer and have become increasingly popular since 2018 due to their fantastic design and portability. 

Dabbing has come a long way from the borosilicate glass water rigs, quartz bangers, dab nails, carb caps, and torches we're accustomed to. 

While many still love the classic glass dab rigs that Lookah is so well known for, others are eager to try the latest dabbing convenience. 

You don't have to choose between glass dab rigs or e-rigs; you can have both, and each can fulfill a different dabbing need. 

What is an Electronic dab rig?

Lookah Portable Electronic dab rig Unicorn vape

The term electronic dab rig was coined when describing a traditional dab rig that used an electronic nail or enail. This enail was attached to the quartz banger to heat and vaporize the concentrate. It was a kind of add-on to a dab rig that gave greater control over heating the nail.

This first generation of electric nail dab rigs was mains-powered and rather large devices that needed to be close to a power outlet. Needing a power outlet restricted how and where you could use them. The Enail became a distinct product range as they evolved to battery-powered devices.

The Lookah Q7 and Q7 Mini vaporizers are good examples of enails. 

The miniaturization of enails led to a new generation of e-rigs, an electric bong for concentrate connoisseurs. 

The modern e-rig is like a regular wax pen with a bubbler attached. In this context, you can trace the history of these devices back to around 2012. At the same time, the first models didn't have a highly integrated design, with the bubbler being more of an add-on than an integral part of the device. 

Since 2018, the design has become more integrated, and we saw the first handheld portable electric dab rigs

These new handheld dab rigs include the Puffco Peak, Carta vape rig, Kandypen Oura, and Boost Evo. We can add the Lookah Unicorn and Dragon Egg to this list. 

Unlike other e-rigs, the Unicorn has a different design. It puts the atomizer at the center of our device for direct airflow and maximum flavor.

Lookah has followed up with the Unicorn Mini and the Dragon egg erig devices, making water-filtered dabbing easier. 

Many of these new electronic dab rigs come with glass chambers and pecs that use water to filter your dabs. Still, these new-generation e-rigs are mini dab rigs with a difference. They use electricity rather than a torch to heat up and vape your concentrates and are much more robust and portable than a traditional dab rig. Indeed, the Dragon Egg's plastic water chamber offers more durability when traveling with your dab rig. 

The history and progression of the electric dab rig

At present, when everyone talks about electric dab rigs, it refers more to products after 2018. Its general development process is as follows:

Before 2018, when electric dab rigs were in their early stages, many products combined "a regular wax pen + a bubbler." Still, there were no landmark products, and consumer acceptance needed to be higher.

First Generation Erig bubbler and wax pen

2018—Puffco first launched a highly integrated e-rig called the Peak, which exploded in the market. Its characteristics are the integrated design of the rig and battery, which is visually complete and beautiful, with good integrity and high portability. The atomizer core is outside the product and is connected to the rig through a tortuous airway. 

Puffco Peak electric dab rig

After 2019, many manufacturers launched their own electric dab rigs. They basically follow the design of Peak, but the shape is slightly different. (According to vague statistics, by the end of 2019, about 15 similar products were on the market.)

Puffco peak like electric dab rigs

In 2020, LOOKAH redefined the second form of electric dab rig. The product is named Unicorn. Its most notable feature is that the atomizer is at the bottom of the dab rig directly beneath the bubbler instead of on the outside of the device. This design minimizes the airway so that after the wax is atomized, it can directly enter the glass without going through the extended airway. This undoubtedly minimizes the waste of wax and makes cleaning more accessible while making the products more compact.

In 2021, LOOKAH launched a more compact product, Mini Unicorn, which exploded in the market.

In 2022, LOOKAH defined the third form of electric dab rig with the Dragon Egg. Its most prominent feature is that the filtration system is placed at the bottom of the product, and the atomizer is placed on the top. While ensuring filterability, this maximizes and reduces the size of the product to a certain extent. The components of the filtration system can be disassembled and cleaned separately, which significantly facilitates consumers' use. Once the product was launched, it exploded in the market. 

LOOKAH Dragon Egg Dab E Rig

In 2024, LOOKAH defined a fourth form of electric dab rig, the Seahorse Queen, which integrated the "Electric Nectar Collector" with the "dab rig." The product's convenience has been further improved.

In the same year, lookah updated the design of the second generation electric dab rig and launched the first animal-shaped dab e rig named Dinosaur.

LOOKAH Dinosaur Electric Dab Rig

According to incomplete statistics, more than 60 electric dab rig models were on the market in early 2024. Their distribution is shown in the chart below.

Product CategoryRepresentative productsProduct style quantity
Fourth generation: atomizer on the bottom + dab rig on the topLOOKAH  Seahorse Queen1
Third generation: atomizer on top + filter on bottomLOOKAH Dragon Egg≥4
Second generation: atomizer inside + dab rig on the topLOOKAH Dinosaur≥7
First generation: atomizer on one side + dab rig on the topPuffco peak≥60

Lookah is the most influential designer and product provider of electric dab rigs. Its products have a high market share and reputation in this field. If you plan to buy an electric dab rig, Lookah is an excellent choice.

The Progression of Erig Wax coils

The wax coils ( wax atomizer) have gone through many versions:

Version 1.0—Metal coil: Low price, rapid heating, large vapor, but not long-lasting. The wax is in direct contact with the metal wire, which can create a burnt taste. 

Version 2.0-The Porous Ceramics coil: Heat fast and spreads wax evenly to the heating wire by absorbing it. The vapor lingers for a long time and slightly enhances the taste. However, ceramic powder will enter the lungs and is harmful to health. Already rarely used.

Version 3.0—Ceramic Cup coil: The coil sits at the bottom of the ceramic cup and does not directly touch wax. The taste has dramatically improved. But this also results in slow heating, less smoke volume, and difficulty miniaturizing the battery. It's a good choice, but people have never been interested in ceramic cups. 

Version 4.0—Quartz cup coil: This is similar to a ceramic cup but more difficult to make and costly. People are fond of quartz cups as they offer a pure taste and don't have the drawbacks of ceramic or metal coils. 

Slow heating, high power consumption, difficulty in miniaturizing the device, and high price have always been problems. Many brands tried to use quartz cups in their products, but it did not become a trend in the end because the cost of replacing this quartz coil is too high and Not affordable.

Version 5.0—Porous Quartz coil: It combines the advantages of porous materials and quartz. It heats quickly, has a good taste, and produces much vapor. It has a tight texture and does not have the problem of powder, making it healthier. The cost of replacing this porous quartz coil is low. Generally, it is an excellent choice.

How Do E-rigs Work?

E-rigs have a built-in battery that provides the electricity needed to heat an element known as a coil or atomizer. The wax concentrate is added to the atomizer cup, turning it into vapor as heat is applied. The atomizer cup aligns with a percolator. The vapor is drawn into the percolator as the dabber inhales on the mouthpiece. The percolator filters the vapor through water before arriving at the dabber's mouth.  

What are the Advantages of an E-rig?

Electronic dab rigs are incredibly convenient to use. 

Most electric dabbing rigs have a glass percolator, but the rest of the device is made from plastic, metal, or silicone. These materials make them more robust than an all-glass water pipe. 

They are smaller and sturdier than a traditional glass dab rig, making them perfect for dabbing on the go.  

These cool electric dab kits have preset temperature settings or variable voltages, which removes the guesswork of heating a banger with a butane torch.

They are safer than a traditional dab rig and have less risk of burning yourself because they use electricity rather than a torch.

As less equipment is needed, traveling with an erig is much easier than taking a glass dab rig with you places. These E-rigs are also the best dab rigs for user friendliness and are perfect for those starting with dabbing who may be put off by using a butane torch and exposed hot equipment. The better temperature control and ease of use mean most e-rigs are used for cold starts, so you get a better flavor profile.

What To Look For When Shopping for an Erig?

There are essential factors to look into when buying an E-rig. Here, we will discuss everything you should look for and consider before getting an Electric Dab Rig.

Portability: Size matters, at least when it comes to Erigs. 

Erigs come in a wide range of sizes. While most people will buy an erig to use at home, if you want a more portable device, you should get something that is easy to hold in one hand. Some rigs can be quite heavy or have large glass bubblers. These are good for home use, but if you want a portable device, then we recommend buying a handheld erig like the Dragon Egg or Unicorn Mini for use on the go. 

Affordability: "How much is an erig?" We get asked this question a lot. The short answer is you can buy a quality erig for under $100. 

Some erigs, such as the Puffco Peak, can cost upwards of $400. That is a sizable investment in your dabbing and beyond the reach of many people. The good news is that there are plenty of ergis available at every price point, so finding one within your budget should be easy. 

Battery Life: The size of the battery and the heating element will determine the battery life. A smaller battery will require more frequent charging. Make sure that the battery life is suitable for your needs. Also, check if the erig you are buying has pass-through charging. This is typically seen with newer USB C-type charging devices, which let you use the device while it is on charge.

Temperature Control/Voltage Control: One of the best parts of an Erig is the ability to create the same sort of hit time and time again. Getting a device with suitable voltage or temperature controls will let you find the best smoking experience for your concentrate and preferences, be that big cloud or pure flavor. 

Replacement coils/parts: Check the price of replacement parts and consumables such as bubblers and coils.  Accidents happen, and it's better to know beforehand that you can buy replacement parts for your electronic dab rig. 

Some companies sell coils for as much as $50 each. This can soon add up if you need to replace the coil every few months. The LOOKAH 710 wax coils (Suitable for Uniocrn Minin and Dragon Egg devices) are $50 for a pack of 5, keeping the cost of consumables as low as possible. 

Does vaping with an Erig smell?

All vaping will smell to some extent due to the terpenes in cannabis. The smell will depend on the size of the vapor clouds created. The good news is that the vapor will dissipate faster than smoke from a joint or bong and will not leave a lasting smell.

Lookah Unicorn E-rig

The Unicorn is a portable e-rig that revolutionizes dabbing. The Unicorn is a complete electric dab kit with an atomizer, water pipe, and power source. Its innovative design ensures it's easy to use, while a small compact form lets you enjoy dabbing on the go. The unique ceramic and quartz coils heat up fast and preserve the purest flavor. Taking your dabbing to the next level, this is the best portable electric dab kit to hit the market in 2020. It's available in standard colors as well as a limited-edition selection. At $170, this affordable mid-price point device offers great value for money.

Lookah Unicorn Mini E-rig

The Unicorn Mini has a similar style to the Original with its horn-like shape and uses the patented Lookah 710 coils. It is also smaller than the Unicorn original device. This means it's more portable. As the bubbler is made from glass, it is still fragile, and while you can use it on the go, it works better as a party piece in or around the home. If you want the pure taste of a glass bubbler and quartz coils but don't want to pay over $100, the Unicone Mini Erig at $89.99 is a fantastic option. 

Lookah Dragon Egg E-rig

The Dragon Egg is the newest electronic rig for 2023. It has a unique egg shape and is designed for easy, one-handed use. The water chamber is made from plastic, which makes it more durable for use on the go. It keeps a glass mouthpiece and uses the 710 quartz coils for a purer taste. When it comes to on-the-go dabs, this mini erig is well suited. For $99.99, the Dragon Egg is an affordable electric dab rig device for those new to erigs who are on a budget but don't want to sacrifice quality. 

LOOKAH Queen E-Rig Nectar Collector

The LOOKAH Queen device is a new kind of dab rig that combines the benefits of a nectar collector with a tabletop dabbing rig. 

You can choose between three preset voltages for a customized experience. Its large bubbler provides cooling for a smooth taste and less irritation. The device is compatible with interchangeable glass from other Lookah vaporizers. It comes with two Lookah 510 see-through quartz coils and is easy to clean with the included brush. Its angled quartz tip allows you to monitor your dosage while inhaling.

How to Clean Your Erig


How to Use an Electronic Dab Rig?

These instructions are based on the Lookah Unicorn E-rig. While the style may be slightly different from other dab rigs, such as the Pulsar Rok, Dr Dabber Boost Evo, V-Carta, and Puffco Peak, the same cold start steps apply to many e-rigs.

1. Lift the magnetic top off and add a small dab (0.1-0.2g ) of concentrate into the chamber/coil.
2. Add just enough water to the glass chamber to cover the percolation holes.
3. Replace the magnetic top.
4. Press the On/Off Power button five times to turn on the device.
5. Press the power button two times to set the power level.
6. Choose the dabbing mode. 

The quartz hive coil is best used in manual mode. 

The quartz cup coil is best used in auto mode.

7. Start dabbing.

In the manual mode, press and hold the power button to use the device. On the first use, wait 5-10 seconds for the coil to heat up before vaping.

In auto mode, press the power button three times to start pre-heating. You can start dabbing once the light turns solid and the device vibrates.

Portable Electric Dab Rigs FAQs

  • Are electric dab rigs worth it?

    When assessing the worth of electric dab rigs, it's important to consider long-term value. E-rigs can save time and resources by heating consistently and reducing concentrated waste. Additionally, the safety and convenience factors can be invaluable for regular users.

  • How many seconds should I heat up my dab rig?

    When it comes to electric dab rigs, the answer to how many seconds you should heat your dab rig is quite straightforward. Most e-rigs will heat up to the optimal temperature within 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the make and model. Some advanced models allow you to customize the heating time and temperature settings to suit the specific concentrate you're using.

  • What is an electric dab rig called?

    An electric dab rig is called an "e-rig" or "electronic dab rig." This device is designed to simplify the traditional process of dabbing, which typically involves a torch to heat the nail before consuming concentrates. E-rigs provide a flameless method to heat your material to the perfect temperature, resulting in a consistent and flavorful vapor.

  • What is the best electric dab rig temperature?

    The “best” temperature for your electric dab rig ultimately comes down to personal preference. It's a delicate balance that can depend on the type of concentrate you're using, the design of your rig, and your taste. Experimentation is key. Start at a lower temperature and gradually increase until you find your sweet spot.

  • What is the perfect heat dab rig?

    The perfect heat dab rig allows for consistent temperature control tailored to your personal preference. While the ideal temperature for dabbing can vary based on the concentrate and desired effects, most users find that a range of 350-400°F (177-204°C) provides a good balance between flavor and potency.

  • Why are dab rigs so expensive?

    the high cost of dab rigs can be attributed to the materials used, the craftsmanship involved, the complexity of their design, and the brand's prestige. By understanding these factors, consumers can make informed decisions and find a dab rig that fits both their preferences and their budget.

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