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Portable Electric Dab Rigs

Electric Dab Rigs 

Electric dab rigs, also called E-rigs, are one of the latest wax vaporizers that use electricity to heat and vaporize wax, oil, and other legal concentrates in atomizers rather than the traditional dab method with a butane torch. 

Dabbing has come a long way from the borosilicate glass water rigs, quartz bangers, dab nails, carb caps, and torches that dabbers are so accustomed to. While many still love the classic glass dab rigs that Lookah is so well known for, others are eager to try out the latest in dabbing convenience.

You don't have to choose between glass dab rigs or e-rigs, you can have both, and each can fulfill a different dabbing need. 

What is an Electronic dab rig?

The term electronic dab rig was coined when describing a traditional dab rig that used an electronic nail or enail. This was attached to the glass pipe and used to heat and vaporize the concentrate. This first generation of electric nail dab rigs were mains powered and rather large devices, which restricted how and where they could be used. As they evolved to battery-powered devices, the Enail became a distinct product range. The Lookah Q7 and Q8 dab vaporizers are good examples of enails. 

The miniaturization of enails gave rise to a new generation of e-rigs, a kind of electric bong for concentrate connoisseurs.

These new all-in-one handheld dab rigs include devices such as the Puffco Peak, Carta vape rig, Kandypen Oura, Boost Evo, and now the Lookah Unicorn is added to these. Unlike other e-rigs the Unicorn has a different design, putting the atomizer at the center of our design for a direct airflow and maximum flavor.  

These electronic dab rigs still come with glass chambers and pecs that use water to filter your dabs. Still, these new generation e-rigs are mini dab rigs with a difference, they use electricity rather than a torch to heat up and vape your concentrates of choice and are much more robust and portable than a traditional dab rig. 

How Do E-rigs Work?

E-rigs have e a built-in battery that provides the electricity needed to heat an element known as a coil or atomizer. The herb concentrate is added to the atomizer cup, which turns it into a vapor. The cup aligns to a percolator. As the dabber inhales on the percolator's mouthpiece end, the vapor is drawn into the percolator and filtered through water before reaching the mouth of the dabber. 

What are the Advantages of an E-rig?

Electronic dab rigs are incredibly convenient to use. They are smaller and sturdier than a traditional glass dab rig making them perfect for dabbing on the go. These electric dab kits have preset temperatures, which can take the guesswork out of heating a banger with a butane torch. Compared to the traditional dab rigs that require heating quartz or titanium nails or bangers with a butane blow torch, they are safer to use with less risk of burning yourself. 

As the devices are sold as a full kit, including dabber tools, cleaning accessories, and glass percolator or mouthpiece they can be very cost-effective.  

Lookah Unicorn E-rig

The Unicorn is a portable e-rig that revolutionizes dabbing. The Unicorn is a complete electric dab kit consisting of an atomizer, water pipe, and power source. Its innovative design ensures it's easy to use while a small compact form lets you enjoy dabbing on the go. The unique ceramic and quartz coils heat up super fast and preserve the purest flavor. Taking your dabbing to the next level, this is the best portable electric dab kit to hit the market in 2020. It's available in standard colors as well as a limited-edition selection.


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