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Best Enails & Enail Dab Kits

The Best Enails and Electronic Nails

Electronic Nail (or E-Nail) is an evolutionary step in dabbing that removes the need for a torch. An E nail gives greater temperature control, so heating dabs isn't a game of guesswork. You'll enjoy the full flavor of your concentrates without worrying about overheating. 

For the daily dabber, buying an electronic nail is a no-brainer!

What is an Enail?

An electric dab nail is a dab rig accessory attached to your water pipe. It allows you to vaporize concentrates such as oils, waxes, e-liquids, or dabs without a blow torch or butane burner. It has a built-in heating element and a power pack. An electronic nail provides better temperature control, so you don't lose flavors and potency. 

How does an E-nail Kit work?

The first electronic nails had a heating coil wrapped around the quartz banger or nail. You set the enail temperature through a controller box. This enail coil then transferred heat to the banger through conduction.

The dabber would then use their rig as in a typical dabbing session but without a butane torch. These older desktop enails were typically mains-powered and needed a power cable to plug into a wall socket. These enail kits were relatively bulky and only made for use at home. You needed to be careful not to trip over the cable and knock your dab rig to the floor.

Portable enail dab kit devices like the Lookah Q7 and Q7 Mini replace the traditional dab rig banger. These battery-powered devices don't need any power leads, so they are easy to use anywhere. You attach the enail directly to a dab rig for precision dabbing. 

They have a preheat function and hold wax or other concentrates in a chamber. When the preset temperature is reached, inhale from the dab rig as you normally would.

The great benefit of these electric dab nails is their ability to produce a consistent temperature. With the butane torch method, you must play a guessing game as the nail heats.

Is the temperature enough to vaporize, or is there excess heat that will burn the wax or oil, resulting in a loss of flavor?

This consistency means you can explore the full flavor of your favorite herb concentrates by pinpointing the perfect temperature.

This not only helps conserve your wax; it's much cleaner, so it maintains your dab rig and reduces the need for cleaning as frequently. Lookah has some of the best enails for sale at our online headshop. 

The Difference Between an Enail and Traditional Dab Rig - No Torches Needed

One of the main reasons more people don't dab with a dab rig is that it's seen as quite intimidating, at least in the traditional manner. 

To dab from a wax dab rig, you must use a butane torch to heat a quartz banger. Using a torch can be pretty scary for those new to vaping dabs. Many are worried about burning themselves or setting their house alight. Of course, with an enail, you must ensure it is charged.

With an electrical banger or enail, you don't have to worry about an open flame. This lowers the entry-level to dabbing, making it much more approachable for newer participants to try. Dabs make it easier to control higher dosages when medicating CBD or THC wax. 

You need to find the right temperature when using a torch to dab. The nail should be high enough to vaporize the wax but not so hot that it burns off the flavonoids and cannabinoids. This can be a difficult task, requiring trial and error.

With an enail, you can set the voltage or temperature and create the same dabbing experience every time. If you are a flavor chaser, go for low temperatures and dab at 400 to 450 degrees. If you are into clouds and massive hits, then 600 to 700F will be a better option. This is easy to do with an enail

What to consider when choosing the Enail?

There are several considerations when choosing the right enail for a satisfying and safe dabbing experience. From performance, functionality, ease of use, safety features, portability, and personal preferences. We have put together a guide on what to look for when choosing your enail:

  1. Temperature Control: Precision temperature control is perhaps the biggest factor when choosing an enail. A model like the Q7 lets you adjust temperature settings within 5-degree increments. You can fine-tune the heat to match your dabbing preference, and the wax concentrate you use.
  2. Heating Element: The type of heating element the enail uses will affect everything from heat-up times to flavor. The most common options are ceramic, titanium, and quartz.
    Quartz is better for flavor.
    Titanium is better for quick heating.
    Ceramic is better for retaining heat. Select one that best matches your needs. 
  3. Compatibility: Ensure your enail is compatible with your dab rig or glass pipe. Different enails may have specific connection sizes and types, so check for compatibility before purchasing.
  4. Portability: Consider if you will dab at home or on the go. Do you need a portable or desktop enail. Battery-powered models are more portable and ideal for on-the-go use. While those that need a power supply are better suited to home setups where they can have a continuous power source.
  5. Power Source: Enails can be battery-powered or mains powered. Electric models are usually more powerful but will require a power outlet. Battery-powered enails bring portability but will have limitations in terms of runtime and need to be charged every so often.
  6. Safety Features: Safety should be a main priority. LOOKAH enails have built-in safety features such as overheat protection and short-circuit protection to prevent accidents.
  7. Size and Design: Consider the design and size of the enail. This is a personal choice, and you may want a style or color that fits your dabbing setup and aesthetic preferences. Some enails are sleek and modern, while others may be more discreet. Some are adjustable, so they can fit different bangers or dab rigs. 
  8. Brand Reputation: Buy from a reputable brand with good reliability. LOOKAH enails come with a warranty and have thousands of satisfied customers. 
  9. Budget: What is your budget? Enails are available at many different price points. Set your budget and stick to it. Investing in a high-quality enail offers better performance and longevity.
  10. User-Friendliness: Ensure that the enail you choose is user-friendly and doesn't have a steep learning curve. A simple, intuitive interface with clear instructions will be easier to use and make your dabbing experience more enjoyable.

To select the best e-nail evaluate your needs and consider these factors.

If you are buying an enail for the first time, we suggest checking the Q7 and Q7 Mini devices from Lookah.

Lookah Q7 Enail Banger/Enail Dab

The Q7 enail fits 14mm pipes and comes with a silicone sheath for 18mm joint water pipes, turning them into an electric dab rig.

This electric nail uses a double-layer quartz coil with patented technology. You can set the temperature between 200°F and 750°F.

Turn it on, set the temperature, and it will heat up at lightning speed.

Once ready, it will vibrate once, letting you know it's ready for action.

Drop in a tasty nugget of your wax or favored concentrate like rosin, bubble hash, budder, or crumble.

Close the lid with the built-in carb cap and start dabbing away as it maintains the set temp for 60 seconds.

No cables or torches make it an excellent portable enail for smooth, easy dabbing. With a full charge, the battery life will provide several dabs.

Lookah Q7 Mini Enail

The Q7 Mini is a newer version of the Q7 device. This mini enail has a similar style with a silicon sleeve to fit 18mm or 14mm pipes.

It has three preset voltages and uses the same replaceable 710 dab atomizers as the Swordfish, Unicorn Mini, Dragon Egg, and other Lookah vape devices.

How to Use the Q7 Mini

Lift the lid and put a small dab in the atomizer's center.

Close the lid and press the power button five times to turn on the device.

The device will enter a countdown mode from 9 to 0.

Once completed, you can choose the voltage setting by clicking the power button two times.

Then, press and hold the power button to start vaporizing the wax. You're ready to start dabbing when you see a little vapor come from the lid (usually about 5 seconds).

What are the differences between the Lookah Q7 and Q7 Mini Enail devices?

There are three main differences between these two devices.


The Q7 enail has a built-in coil that can't be swapped out. 

The Q7 Mini has replaceable Lookah 710 thread coils and is compatible with all four versions of this coil. 


The Q7 has a precision temperature control that can be set in 5-degree increments from 200F to 750F

The Q7 Mini has three preset voltages, low 3.2V, med 3.6V, and high 4.0V

Session Duration

The Q7 can maintain the set temperature for 60 seconds at a time. Once you start, you don't need to press the button. 

The Q7 Mini can maintain a session for maintaining a session for 30seconds, but you need to keep the button pressed down. 

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